Cards on the Table

It was actually the man I love that came up with that title. So credit to him this time around. After all, he knows me better than most. I’m working on changing that. Perhaps this is the first step. Today I’m opening up a bit more, and telling you all the story of Daydreams, the only way I know how.

Face to face.


I had to look some of you in the eyes when I told you that she is somewhat a figment of mine and your imagination.

Now by me saying this, I am not simply tossing out anything I ever told you as falsehood.

No, that is far from the truth.

The truth is, I wanted to be able to share the better parts of me without my bitter or broken parts dragging you down.

She is merely my internet persona – or better yet, my writing voice. When I speak to you as I’m speaking now, I am largely being myself, but I am in-character. You can tell the difference between me (J, that’s as much as I can tell you about my name for now. You’ll see me credited in some places as J.W or J. Weston.) and Daydreams by how we speak. Daydreams is bubbly and fun, and well, I am real; flawed. You can find it in these videos sometimes stumbling or being my dorky, awkward self.

I’m sure you will have many questions. I’ll answer them all to the best of my ability.


You can save them for the Q&As we’ll be doing next week. 😉



Filtered vs. Unfiltered

These two images were sitting in my folder from a few days ago. Upon brainstorming for titles, a thought came to mind.

There’s been some new eyes on this place recently. Some more family members even found this place. I’ve heard many bloggers and site owners talk about feeling “filtered” in their writing, if they thought certain people would be among readers.

I always had a feeling the subject of filters might come up here and my answer is simply this:

I don’t feel the need to sensor myself for family, hackers, or whatever malicious (forgive my expression) asshole out there. You have all just been too kind and loyal to me for me to go and change things now. Why would I do that? So many wonderful opportunities have come directly from being somewhat spontaneous.

That’s my take on the matter anyway.

So that’s how these two daydreamy, cloud-gazing lovelies got their name. I hope you enjoy them. They go up to my gallery at Snapping Turtle Publishing soon. (Which also has some new additions!)

How to you feel about “filters”, verbal or otherwise? Do you prefer being filtered or unfiltered? Which of these photos do you like better?

Happy Friday!