Sleepy Sundays: Rest


We’ve reached the end of the month. While my physical health remains an issue, I’ve decided to keep working through it. However slow I get things done no longer matters to me.

I managed to forget one small detail back in November when I started freelancing:

I make the rules. I am in charge.

Although I ultimately am at the mercy of my clients if I want to collect payment, I am still the boss. I make my own hours. When things come up in my life, I need to cancel, cancel, cancel. (I’m still working on that part.)

The photo art pictured above was inspired by that very sentiment. Sometimes our bodies simply need rest, or we will keel over.

With January coming to a close, I’ve had to let a few people down. That truth hurts me. Having to detach from something effects me a lot more than most would realize. Especially since I know some of you reading have been going THROUGH IT lately, just like I have.

I guess what I’m trying to say is something I stated here a long time ago in my former “Daily Daydreams” section.

“Make time for love’s sake.

Make love for time’s sake.”Daydreams

Have you had to let someone down recently? Are you a good/poor communicator?

Have a rest-worthy Sunday!

I Wish You Love

Blue GirlyIt’s been a while since the card castles have stacked on anything other than a Sunday. The frigid air outside is making everything so quiet. My son is snoring, the dishwasher has stopped, even the birds are silent. It almost feels rude to be tapping away at my keys. This is, however, my nature. I’ll probably be tapping away at keys of some form until I croak.

When a new year begins, some of us think of what we can improve; what we can do differently. I’m doing quite the contrary this year. I don’t want to drum up any false hope in myself. I vowed at the end of December that the focus this year would be on happiness. With that said, I’d simply like to thank all of you that read, are just now starting to read, and those that have been reading here. So many of you write back to me whether it’s through comments or email and I love you for it. Joy is brought to you through my art, the occasional laugh, and the various other methods of madness I chuck in your directions. Each of you make me smile.

I wish you love.

Have a very happy, healthy 2014!

Love Each Other


(I had to reuse this image because I thought it fit perfectly for today.)

Love is something we should all share. In these increasingly disturbing times we are living in, I’m sad to say I still feel there is just not enough love going around. It’s something we should all spread around, cherish, and try to make even the saddest person feel whenever we can. I feel it’s become my duty to spread this message lately.

We should not judge others for their disabilities, appearance, life choices, or otherwise. That is not our place as humans. Instead, try to see things from all angles. Ask yourself questions like “What if that were me?”, “I wonder what got them there?”, “How would I feel if someone said that to me?” etc. In other words, try to take a walk in their shoes. I know my preaching can’t change the world…but if I could stop just one person from being cruel or inconsiderate on such a lovely day, I’ve done my job.

So while you may exchange gifts today, smile in the face of others, don’t let envy or jealousy, or even anger enter your head. Today is a day not just for lovers, but for LOVE in general. Love your spouse/significant other, love your children, love your neighbor, maybe even love a complete stranger. When you open your mind, you open your heart.

May you all experience some peace and LOVE today.

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