Sleepy Sundays: Illusions


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The world depicted in this piece is that of another one of those fictional places in my mind. Yet somehow it started out as a photo of a very real place. It’s an older photo snap of a few winters ago. There was a parking lot filled with melting snow as the sun blasted it’s powerful light through the naked trees. I was so taken by the beauty of this moment, the visual stayed with me.

As the new year started, I knew I would be returning back to all of you. Thoughts began entering my mind as to how I’d create something magical for all of you after resting my writing and artist hands. Then I thought of something so profound my son stated last week.

“You can’t see a rainbow in the dark, Mom.”

You see, my son is only five years old and clearly did not understand the weight of what he was saying. The deep meaning behind such a simple statement managed to stun me for a moment. Think about it. To him, he was merely stating such a sentence in its simplest terms, very logic-based and to the point. However, if you look at this statement in a metaphoric sense, that is where the beauty begins.

You cannot possibly see anything positive when you’re hanging in darkness. You need light to be able to “see rainbows”.

It was that statement that helped inspire the artwork above and a theme I’d like to take throughout this new year.

I dedicate this first Sleepy Sundays post of 2015 to my son who continues to inspire me everyday.

What are some of your goals for 2015? Do you have a mantra for the new year?

Have a bright Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance

Even though, on my side of the world, you wouldn’t know spring is just around the corner, the subtle signs can still be found within the cold. The little robins are gathering outside, the squirrels are starting to scurry about, and the geese are migrating back. I took this as a slight hint that winter is slowly letting go. This drawing was inspired by those early spring signs. The white butterflies are my springtime friends that all come out to visit when spring arrives.

If you are in the cold on this Sleepy Sunday, take this in with all of it’s warmth.

What are the signs of spring where you live?

Have a springy Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: It’s Gonna Be Cold

It’s Gonna Be ColdIt's Gonna Be Cold

A decent portion of the country was buried under snow this weekend. In our area, the temperatures plummeted to single digits at night. As I stepped outside to check things out, I couldn’t help but think of those less fortunate. What about the people without heat? How would they survive? etc. The stray cats in the neighborhood even crossed my mind. I worried for their little furry behinds and how they were coping with the arctic freeze.

When you have a loved one, hold them close. Don’t wait until it gets cold to do so, either. They may not always be around.

“It’s gonna be cold, there may even be snow…” – Sade

Have you ever experienced extreme cold? What was it like?

Have a chill-y Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Flurry


We often pass by scenes like this every day. Yet, through our busy lives, not many of us even glance around. We’re frequently not fully taking it all in. Those who have been here a while may’ve heard me speak of birds once or twice. They have a deep meaning to me if you care to do some digging here. To all of the gracious supporters of my artwork that have rolled in this year, you may see them pop up every now and then.

This particular piece was inspired by a little sparrow I saw hopping around yesterday afternoon.

Is there any creature or symbol that holds a deep meaning to you?

Have a flurry of a Sunday!

End of Winter

As spring approaches, we can look foward to trees and flowers blooming, kids playing outside, going out without a coat…and allergies. I have to admit, I’m a little sad to see winter go. I love winter and all of the beauty that it brings. All good things must come to an end, though. The snapshots captured below were taken Friday during (what I think is probably) our last snowstorm until next winter. It was unexpected since the weather had predicted only about 2 inches for my area. Instead, we got pounded for about 8-9 hours and ended up with way more than that. Snowy Pine

snow storm

It was a welcome change from the nutty, constant rain that was going on prior. The snow you see pictured in the second photo actually began to prevent the flooding that would have happened had the rain from the day prior continued.

Every bit of snow was melted by Saturday, since we had a drastic change in temperature the next day. Now, spring is certainly in the air. I’m a lover of flowers so I’m ready to embrace the new season. You can expect a season appropriate change to my galleries when time and weather allows it.

Have a pleasant and peaceful Sunday, everyone!

Beauty in a Storm

Last night we had this intriguing snow storm. I’ve rarely seen something like it.
As the snow fell, you saw this very fine mixture of ice that had a striking resemblance to sugar. When it concluded, there was this gorgeous remnant of these glittery little ice shards.
Below are some quick photos I snapped of them. (I would’ve gotten better shots normally but it was 15 degrees last night; I ran back inside pretty quickly.)

Glittery Snow
Icy Beauty