Sleepy Sundays: Snowy Sunday

There are many places around the globe that experienced snow this weekend. If you were on the east coast, like I am, you got hit by the storm known as Jonas, or as it’s being captioned in photos across the internet, “Blizzard of 2016.”

Here are some snaps we took while emerging from our cave. Even though we were snowed in, we managed to make fun of it. The coffee and hot chocolate flowed. I was finally able to sit down and get some writing and art requests done. It’s about time too, since I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately.

What do you enjoy doing during a snow day? Do you get snow where you live?

Have a cozy Sunday!

The Otherworlds Café

There’s a new spot here at CardCastles.

That pesky gatekeeper must have ripped another portal into the place. Maybe there’s a wormhole here somewhere amidst the clouds.

You can visit by playing with the menus here or you can follow this link:

It’s still being added to and dressed up. Enjoy your visit!

Season’s Greetings 2015

My workload is heavy this season, & I’m a bit under the weather, however, I’d like to wish all of you happiness & love. I know there are some of us out there that are suffering during the holidays. I know there are people out there that feel alone. I wish you all love just the same.

To all those that celebrate:

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Sleepy Sundays: Décor

Décor Decor

I’m going to let you in on a little CardCastles secret. The Sleepy Sundays posts are usually completed ahead of time (usually late Saturday nights) so that they are ready for early Sunday mornings.

This is the first Sleepy Sundays post to break that rule. While your artist/writer here had a blinding migraine through the night and into the morning, it was difficult to maintain my duties here. However, I refused to let you down.

I present to you some artwork I designed with living room décor in mind. It’s still in the beginning stages. When & if it reaches the finished product, it may end up on my Twenty20 gallery for purchase.

What is your favorite item in your living room?

Have a decorative Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Illusions


(Click image to view larger)

The world depicted in this piece is that of another one of those fictional places in my mind. Yet somehow it started out as a photo of a very real place. It’s an older photo snap of a few winters ago. There was a parking lot filled with melting snow as the sun blasted it’s powerful light through the naked trees. I was so taken by the beauty of this moment, the visual stayed with me.

As the new year started, I knew I would be returning back to all of you. Thoughts began entering my mind as to how I’d create something magical for all of you after resting my writing and artist hands. Then I thought of something so profound my son stated last week.

“You can’t see a rainbow in the dark, Mom.”

You see, my son is only five years old and clearly did not understand the weight of what he was saying. The deep meaning behind such a simple statement managed to stun me for a moment. Think about it. To him, he was merely stating such a sentence in its simplest terms, very logic-based and to the point. However, if you look at this statement in a metaphoric sense, that is where the beauty begins.

You cannot possibly see anything positive when you’re hanging in darkness. You need light to be able to “see rainbows”.

It was that statement that helped inspire the artwork above and a theme I’d like to take throughout this new year.

I dedicate this first Sleepy Sundays post of 2015 to my son who continues to inspire me everyday.

What are some of your goals for 2015? Do you have a mantra for the new year?

Have a bright Sunday!