31 Nightmares 2018: The 27th

Whispers in the Wind © 2018 Snapping Turtle Arts | cardcastlesinthesky.com

This design was inspired by a nightmare I had a few years ago about the wind having a loud sound and then later a voice. It was quite frightening and happened around winter season. The thoughts stirred up after the dream have brought out more then one of my designs and I’ve worked them into a collection.

This has been

Day 27



Sleepy Sundays: Windy Nights

Windy Nights © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts | cardcastlesinthesky.com

This weekend while I made a new folder for a project that’s closing and another for upcoming holiday greetings and other things. We had a little November night wind storm. Shortly after it began to rain. With the quiet in the house and the pitter-patter outside, it was the perfect conditions to work in, and some of it inspired this new addition.

Are you in planning mode yet for the new year? Do tell. You know I love a good coffee chat. 🙂

Sleepy Sundays: Twilight Winds

Twilight Winds
Twilight Winds

With October, my #31Nightmares, and so many things coming to a close, I cannot help but be reminded of the famous night winds I knew growing up that ran throughout October. I’ve made countless designs inspired by them over the years. The latest is a custom notebook.

What do you plan for when the month changes?

Have a breezy Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Wind Whip

Sleepy Sundays

Wind WhipWind Whip

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During the past few days there has been some wind flying through the east coast like nobody’s business. Needless to say I was quite inspired by it. I snapped a few photos, wrote a short story (which you may be reading here on CardCastles shortly), and sketched up this little beauty. I’m quite happy with it. Does it take you to a strange place?

Does the wind inspire you? Do tell. You know I love a good coffee chat!

Have a wind-whipping Sunday!