31 Nightmares: The 28th

31 Nightmares

Tonight, yet another soon-to-be addition to the horror art over at my gallery.

Howl At the Moon
Howl At the Moon

It’s based on a combination of nightmare and actual story between old friends. My best friend’s mother once told us a story that involved her and her sister seeing some hideous creature late at night. The story always terrified us as kids. Sweet dreams.


This has been Day 28


31 Nightmares

Creepy Reads and Local Legends

Ever since I heard about this book, I’ve been interested.

This may be a local legend, but I think the book will present to be something people from all over could enjoy. 

If you’ve ever traveled anywhere up or down the east coast you may have spotted a magazine called “Weird NJ“. If you’re a New Jersey resident, chances are you’ve heard about it, or are a fan.

Author J. Pollack and Weird NJ’s Mark Moran put a large quantity of investigative work and research into this book. I’ve been lucky enough to hear some fun facts and details about the story behind the story, and let me tell you, this case will grip you right from the beginning and not let go.

Death on the Devil’s Teeth Teaser Trailer

Be sure to check this creepy summer read out on its release date coming up: July 20, 2015! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! 

Note: Special thanks to Jesse P. Pollack himself for permission to use his tweets/images and revision of this article.

All images used in this article are the properties of their respective owners in collaboration with the book, Death on the Devil’s Teeth.

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Sleepy Sundays: Mystery

Mystery Mystery

Many parts of our human lives are mysteries. Life itself holds endless questions we’ve yet to unlock. One of those mysteries is that of love. Some of us have stories for days about the countless riddles of our desires.

These were some of thoughts that helped inspire the feelings behind the strange land depicted above.

What was your last mysterious encounter? (Bonus points if it’s a love story!)

Have a lovely Sunday!

& Happy February!

Sleepy Sundays: The Glowing Hollow

The Glowing HollowThe Glowing Hollow

Alright guys and gals, by now you know how we do this. Grab your coffee or tea (or whatever beverage you choose) and snuggle up for one of our Sunday chats. This week I’m showcasing another one of my art/photography hybrids. I went a little mad on the art half (in a good way, of course) as you can see. There was a vision in my head like that of a strange dream. That’s probably why this piece has a surrealistic feel.

Then, I got to thinking about all of you. Your new faces, the ones that keep coming back, and the friends I feel like I’ve known a lifetime even though we’ve never met, all helped me come up with this week’s question.

Have you ever stumbled upon something strange, out of place, or just plain unexplainable that you’ll never forget?

Have a glowing Sunday!