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Sleepy Sundays: Forest Hymn

Forest Hymn © 2015 CardCastlesInTheSky | Snapping Turtle Publishing
Forest Hymn © 2015 CardCastlesInTheSky | Snapping Turtle Publishing
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Early in my teens I remember a time where there were a lot of arguments with family members going on. There were a lot of changes taking place in my life due to deaths in the family and relocation. Being a wanderer, sometimes during all of the arguing, I’d slip away.

I’d often wander outside and go for walks, looking for some place of peace and quiet and calm. I often found it. On one particular morning, this started up once more. The coffee hadn’t even finished brewing and already they were at each other’s throats. So I took a thermos, snuck some coffee and headed out. No one bothered ask where I was going. It was common practice by this time.

I went up to a little hill area I’d found where we had just moved. If you went far enough up the hill, you could see the parts of the city and NY all from this lush forest that seemed worlds away from the bustling city.

It was a calm I hadn’t known before. A calm that became a welcome feeling. It was maybe my first small baby step toward breaking away from all that madness. As I sat there and took in the sounds of November’s rustling leaves being blown through the area, along with a few birds signaling each other for food, I noticed a rhythm.

The sound brought me far away from any troubles, if only just for some small moments in time.

This artwork was fully inspired by that day.

If you could write a song for something, what would it be?

Have a song-filled Sunday!

Other Random Writing

A Lonely Diner

Life is full of surprises. At least that’s what my strange existence on this Earth has taught me. Just the other day, I had an offbeat thought. It involved myself, an empty diner, some coffee, and a bit of loneliness.

Of all the lovely things on this planet of ours, how could I continue to see things so black and dreary? Well, it could be all the madness that has been 2012. It may be a mind bruised and abused one too many times. Although, somehow it’s most likely..this is just me.

People have tried to change it over the years. Hell, even I have. After all the arguing and the struggling, we figure “What’s the use?”. This is just me. Some people are just built this way. Most would tell you our creative minds are better for it. Although sometimes you may hate us..for stating..well the truth as we see it..this is just how we are.

So, I envisioned myself the other day. Alone, in a quiet, empty diner. Pleasantly decorated and clean, but lonely…echoing with emptiness. Only employees bustling about; tidying up. Plates and silverware clanging as they moved them. I’m sitting there sipping a coffee, not ordering any food. Observing things, as I tend to do. The door would swing open, cold air came in, but it was only a delivery man. No one to converse with. No one to share a meal with. Just emptiness.
Mmm Coffee edit/Lonely Diner

This is not reality. Just another one of my odd visions or thoughts that usually help stir inspiration for my fictional writing. However, it got me thinking. Even though my life is quite the opposite of that scenario, that feeling can sometimes swirl around and rear its ugly face.

With the holidays coming to a close, a lot of chores to be done, and a new year rolling in, I’ve neglected what’s been important here. Sharing a voice with you.

There is my soul-baring for the year. My confession, if you will. Take it for what it is. Love me or leave me. Do try to also remember my brighter side. 😉 After all, this is just me. & There are many lonely diners in life.