Sleepy Sundays: Skyway to Summer

Skyway to Summer

This weekend our family had some much-needed time away relaxing and catching up with family. It was so renewing just to see some friendly faces and chat it up with those I love and haven’t seen in a while. If ever there was a perfect day for an outdoor gathering, this weekend managed to crank out a few. 

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s company , the wanderer in me couldn’t help but sneak away for a quick stroll down the block. I was dazzled by what almost summer had to offer down this quiet little street. Hues of deep pinks and oranges, and yellows, all dotted the area. Down one particular intersection, a line of trees sat that seemed to go on for days.

The whole time was like one big rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul. There’s no doubt that my family and nature itself found its way into my designs this week because of this.

What replenishes you?

Have a peaceful Sunday!


31 Nightmares 2016: The 22nd

The Dark Maiden
The Dark Maiden

Another one of my most terrifying of nightmares involved my younger sister, my mother, and myself. We struggled to escape a large structure designed by something ancient and evil. The Dark Maiden, was a haunting figure from those recurring dreams. She was not evil like that place, but rather a soul trapped inside a place she didn’t want to be. That place was the basis for my Nightmare World.

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31 Nightmares 2016: The 19th

The Tree Man
The Tree Man

The Tree Man was a haunting figure from the depths of my dreams.

He was a guardian of sorts and not necessarily an evil creature. It spoke in a stern voice and told tales of the area. In my original concept sketch, he had thorns.

Happy Haunts!

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Sleepy Sundays: Afternoon Naps

Afternoon Naps
Afternoon Naps

The origins of the art I’m sharing today are simple. This was merely an old view from my childhood during afternoon naps that were a rule when I was a certain age in my household growing up. There was an old wooden window that my family had draped an even older brown sheer curtain over. The sunlight used to beam through it, especially during this time of year. When I told the story to a loved one a few nights ago, I was inspired to recreate the view through art.

It’s shocking how much it reminds me of that time. The whole piece just takes me directly back there.

Do you have any vivid memories that stand out from the rest? Are you a visual thinker?

Have a bright & beautiful Sunday!