Young Man Violently Carjacked in Norfolk, VA

Now, I know you don’t normally come to me for the news. Today is different. That’s because the person at the center of this story is a friend of mine, for almost five years now.

It upsets me to share this, because I know he reads this blog, but I want to see the thieving, sick person that harmed him be held responsible for their vicious actions. 

Here is the link to the article, along with the reporter’s interview, and some helpful information that might assist in catching the lunatic that did this.

News13: Delivery driver thrown from hood of car as it’s stolen

If you live in Virginia or anywhere in the US and you see this car, notify police immediately. 

Update 6/20/2015:

The car involved has been located. This case is a now an ongoing investigation. If anyone has any information please be sure to notify appropriate authorities.