Summer Nights (Roadside Wildflowers)

For your visual pleasure, a little daydream about summer nights. This was another side project messing around with music. I’ve needed those skills lately since behind the scenes I’ve been digging into indie film collaborations. Who knows what the coming months will hold.

Summer Nights (Roadside Wildflowers) by Daydreams

—all I know is these were fun to record and I hope you enjoy them.

Audio version on SoundCloud


Wishing you all a relaxing summer season!


Sleepy Sundays: Afternoon Naps

Afternoon Naps
Afternoon Naps

The origins of the art I’m sharing today are simple. This was merely an old view from my childhood during afternoon naps that were a rule when I was a certain age in my household growing up. There was an old wooden window that my family had draped an even older brown sheer curtain over. The sunlight used to beam through it, especially during this time of year. When I told the story to a loved one a few nights ago, I was inspired to recreate the view through art.

It’s shocking how much it reminds me of that time. The whole piece just takes me directly back there.

Do you have any vivid memories that stand out from the rest? Are you a visual thinker?

Have a bright & beautiful Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Yellow Mist at Sundown

Yellow Mist at SundownYellow Mist at Sundown

Sometimes sadness can have a way of entangling you. There seems to be a lot of that going around lately. Not much seems to be going right. I’ve hit obstacles on the way to publishing. Art sales have been dwindling when they once soared. I find myself less inspired due to a staggering amount of personal issues. To top it all off, a friend of mine is in trouble and in desperate need of help.

With all that going on, it could be difficult to smile. I stepped outside yesterday in need of some fresh air. In the middle of some deep thought, there was a pleasant and very welcome distraction. The sky appeared to be putting on a show before the sun went to bed. It looked a lot like what I sketched up above. It’s like life keeps on trying to tell me to just relax.

So I did.

Brian D’Oliveira – Relax, Why Don’t You

(From the Papo & Yo Original Soundtrack)

What calms you?

Have a relaxing Sunday!