Sleepy Sundays: A Slight Touch of Autumn

Whenever we feel a slight chill in the air, my son says “Is it changing over to fall?”

This is a welcome question in my son’s arsenal of ever-growing queries. Usually he’s correct. The same air that is responsible for a slight nose- run will soon transform the leaves on the trees into different colors.

On the weekend, we decided to take a little road trip. We got to see the evidence of such queries sprinkled about the trees.

It’s a welcome question because it sparks in me traditions that perhaps have long been forgotten in my family, yet somehow, I’ve managed to carry them on. As soon as the cold air rolls in, my windows open up. You can smell all sorts of apples and cookies baking. In October and November, you’ll often see pumpkins somewhere in my home.

What I noticed over the weekend took me on a trip down Memory Lane. I realized how much at times we really are like our family, despite liking it or not. We are them and they are us in many ways and sometimes perhaps that is why we carry on tradition. Approaching fall I remember my family. When it was full and many of them were still alive, us gathered around the table at some family function seafood and pasta. The long drives oftentimes down to the shore. Some fancy meal often cooked up by many or just one member of us. The aroma of some great food, the sound of some laughter, and hefty conversation all play back through my mind.

Touches of Fall
Touches of Fall

I’m beyond grateful we’re able to carry some of these old times on.

Do you carry on any old family traditions?

Have a love-filled Sunday!

31 Nightmares: The 18th

31 Nightmares

Today I have another special treat for all of you.
I say this because,

“Look everyone we have guests!”

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31 Nightmares
[Update: 7/9/2017] This particular Nightmare has been removed for violation of CardCastles Terms

Sleepy Sundays: Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind
Empire State of Mind

If you follow my private Instagram, or any of my other social media accounts (See sidebar), than you know about my trip to New York Comic Con yesterday. I got to meet a group of friends I’ve played videogames with online for over five years now. To say I had a great time is a drastic understatement.

For a brief time, I forgot about all of my problems, my issues, and everything else. For that block of time, nothing else mattered. I was a teenager again for a day. Since I’m very quickly approaching 30, this was a welcome feeling.

I already miss them. I already miss New York. Though, like I always say to New York when I leave it,

I’ll see you again, ol’ friend.”

Have you ever met your “online friend(s)” in “real life”? How was it?

Have a pleasant Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Roadside

Sleepy Sundays


We’re nearing summer’s end. It’s a time for all of those last minute trips to somewhere, anywhere, as long as it’s far, far away from the stresses of everyday life. Families rush to get in those last few beach visits. Children try to soak up every finite chance to be outdoors, since come September, they’ll be back in classrooms.

One of my favorite bits of summer throughout life has been the spontaneous road trips. Friends and family often perfected the art of the unplanned drive somewhere “different”.

This art was inspired by the little roadside views on some of those trips.

Have you ever taken a spontaneous trip?

Have a scenic Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Red Sun

Red Sun Red Sun

When we’re on a road trip there are usually sights that tend to remain in your memory. These are the sights that make for great storytelling later on.

While on the way back from a family outing I saw a spectacular sight. That phenomenon was the inspiration for this art. A relative of mine and I were in deep conversation. Suddenly, I paused upon noticing a very large, beaming, reddish-orange sun off in the distance. Our planetary lamp seemed so unusually large it immediately demanded our attention. This was one of those rare occasions where you could look directly at it without fear of burning your eyeballs out of your head.

Below is an image I managed to quickly snap of this event. Sadly, my phone camera was not able to do it much justice. A lovely view nonetheless, right?

Red Sun_cr
(Click image to view larger)

In science this occurrence is said to be caused by any number of natural weather or materials. (Dust particles in the air, fog, excess humidity.)

In some older cultures of the world, this is said to be a “positive sign” that any hardships going on will turn the tide and a weight will be lifted from the viewer’s life. I sure hope that is true.

Have you ever interpreted something as a sign or do you lean more toward the science of things?

Have a sunny Sunday!