31 Nightmares 2018: The 29th

“Her bitterness. It envelopes me if I let it. Where did she come from? She wasn’t always there. So many questions.

I’m curious about her. Though, not too curious. She seems to feed off of that.

There is one thing. A clue, perhaps.

Maybe it will explain this whole thing. Though, I don’t yet know what it means.

She left a note for me on the mirror. The words on the paper were burned in.

It read:

“You are me and I am you.”

I could never be her. Right? RIGHT?

I don’t know what it all MEANS!”

– Daydreams

This has been

Day 29


31 Nightmares 2018: The 28th

There’s been a tear through our world again. I’m not sure what it means this time. She left a stench on my soul. I feel her near lately now more than ever. Though we’ve binded her for now. I wonder why she’s near. I wonder if she’ll return. We’ll just have to wait and see.
– Daydreams

This has been

Day 28


Radio Transmissions Discovered Amongst the Clouds

Strange things have been happening ever since that portal got ripped into this place.

I’m of course referring to The Otherworlds Café.

Some sort of radio transmission was discovered there this morning. A cryptic message from someone said there will likely be more of these.

A Snapping Turtle Production

Vocals, ambient sound, and video footage recorded and edited by Daydreams.

Radio tune sound effect: iMovie stock sounds

© 2016 Snapping Turtle Arts & Publishing | cardcastlesinthesky.com

Sleepy Sundays: New World

New World
New World

There’s so much ugliness in our world on the daily. This is a hard truth to swallow. This harsh reality exists whether we want it to or not. Sometimes these modern day truths have us longing for fresh starts. Perhaps that’s what our planet needs. A fresh start. That new lease could begin with you. We could change things for the better before its too late.

Perhaps it will kick off with something as simple as a little TLC. Maybe a utopia doesn’t exist, but just maybe there’s a chance that’s because we haven’t created it yet.

Do you ever feel you need a “fresh start” in life? Have you started something new lately? What would exist in your idea of a “perfect world”?

Have a dreamy Sunday!