Summer Reading

With summer fast approaching, some parents may be thinking of things to keep their children busy.

I’m a firm believer in keeping your child’s mind active over the summer vacation. Instead of letting their brains turn to mush from watching too much TV, here is a colorful list of books for them to read:
Summer Reading 2013

The neat thing about this list is you can enter as a parent, or teacher, and enter their school name as a whole. This puts them in the running to set a record for the most books read. The website has a very descriptive, artistic, little chart that measures these numbers comparing it to landmarks like the, Eiffel Tower, Mt. Everest, etc.

I hope you all enjoy this & help make the most of your child or student’s summer!

A Map and a Mule: Book Review

A Map and a Mule
A Map and a Mule
by Eric Timar
Cover art by Miki de Goodaboom

A Map and a Mule is a magical tale of a queen that helps usher peace upon two lands. This story reminds me of some of my favorite fairy tales I was told as a child. The author, Eric Timar manages to weave a lesson of peace without making the reader feel like they’re being taught. Full of lovable characters and some colorful illustration, this makes it an ideal choice for children ages 3-7. Although, this story is so simple, yet profound, I find it to also be suitable for any age group.

From a mother’s perspective, this is a story best read along with your child and then explained. There are some aspects a young child may not yet understand, but could easily grasp with a parent’s explanation.

This book is also an exemplary choice for a classroom setting. I see it best set in a preschool or kindergarten “circle time”. I highly recommend this to teachers of elementary aged children. It would make for a fruitful homework assignment or classroom project.

I could sing my praises about A Map and a Mule all day long. More can be gained if you just pick up a copy of it yourself!

For the interesting story behind the cover art: The Story Behind the Art

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day, Earth Day images, Earth Day art As some of you may know today is Earth Day. This is an ideal time to teach the children of our planet about all things growth and respecting the environment. If you have kids of your own, or know a group of little ones in your community, consider starting a small garden with them.

You don’t have to live a in suburban or rural area to do this. There are plenty of urban areas that have gardens as well. Don’t believe me? Do an internet search on “city gardens” and see what you turn up. You’ll thank me later. The results of planting something small with people that are still learning about the world can be tremendously rewarding.

Children, after all, are like little plants themselves; just looking to soak up some knowledge.

Little Things

Sometimes it just takes something simple.
When being a parent of a young child, it’s important to engage them in activities that help their minds to develop. Coloring, drawing, building something with blocks, finger-painting, counting objects, and pretend play are all fun ways to do this.
You certainly don’t need to be rich to do any of these things. Some fun activities you can even create yourself. Your child can aid in the process. Children love to help.

My son and I made this together. I was teaching him the basics of spelling with simple everyday words. I’ll be sure to post some fun DIY activities in the future.

It’s the little things. 😊