Sleepy Sundays: Roses

Roses have always been symbolic to me. Some give them as gifts. We see them at weddings; funerals.

I’m sharing an older, more simple design today that some of you may have already seen if you follow any of my “Daydreams” accounts on social media.

I share this in memory of my late father, for Father’s Day. & Also for my Uncle Pat, who passed away in January. My great uncle was another one of the amazing father figures I’ve been blessed with in this life.

I miss them both terribly, but they’ve made me realize just how lucky I am to still have some special men in my life that hold the title of “father” in more way than one.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there

& roses, for all the ones we’ve lost.

Have a special Sunday.

Sleepy Sundays: Window to the Heart

Window to the HeartWindow to the Heart

February has been a crazy month in this neck of the woods. This little castle in the clouds has undergone a noticeable transition. Due to that shift, along with some private obligations, last weekend was the first Sunday (without prior notice) ever that Sleepy Sundays wasn’t active here at CardCastles.

For those that haven’t read about these changes yet, please do so here:

With these changes now in full effect, my Sleepy Sundays artwork for today is inspired by where CardCastles is headed. I cannot say much yet. This is going to be a surprise for all of you when it’s fully unveiled. My little turtle friend up there is merely a hint – a teaser, if you will, for where all of the art you’ve grown to love will go.

I promise you will love the story when you hear it.

Is there a creature that has symbolic meaning in your life?

Have a lovely Sunday!