Daydreams Diary: The End

[continued from Daydreams Diary: Is This]

I’ve tried every possible avenue to prevent this. Sadly, this is what it’s come to.

We will be closing shop in June, just ahead of our 7 year anniversary.

This is not a hasty decision. We have contemplated this fate for over a year. Truth be told, we probably should have done this last year, but we had hope and were trying to hang on. Now all that hope has fizzled out.

My health has been poor for a solid two years now, and due to complications back in August of last year, it has gotten progressively worse. Those events back in August also caused quite a bit of financial strain making just about everything difficult.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t want to do this, but I have to.



This has been my life’s work all rolled into this magical little place. What started as a brush-up on writing, turned into something so much more—because of you.

You made me realize I still had other talents; that those talents were worth sharing. The artists I’ve met over the years both overseas and here at home pushed me to make things better. Then came Snapping Turtle—a full-blown business built solely on dreams.

You have made me so happy. Words cannot even begin to describe.

I’ve made friends here. I’ve made business relationships here. Generally, the entire time I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with some really interesting and wonderful walks of life.

It’s been a blast. & I am going to miss it, dearly.



Perhaps in the coming weeks, we’ll put together some sort of highlights reel. Mostly since it’s near impossible to list all of our great moments here without boring you to death. & Who knows? Maybe we’ll start back up again in the future under a brand new name. (One can dream, right?)

For now, we’d simply like to take this time out to thank those that have had a significant impact on our journey.

Special Thanks

The Early Bunch a.k.a “The Day Ones” as our family lovingly refers to them.

Ra Avis, better known as Rarasaur. Where would we be without you? Where would I be? You have supported me from the very beginning, through thick and thin, and without judgment or question. You have introduced me to some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life. My soul is richer for it. You re-started a fire in me that I thought was long extinguished. That spark created a lot of beautiful things. There is so much more to say, I cannot possibly fit it all here. Just always know, as you would say, “You are loved.” You are SO loved, my friend. & No matter how many changes you go through or what shitstorm life throws at us, just know you have made a giant dino footprint in my heart and in my life. I love you, soul sister, always.

Dave “Grayson Queen” Martinez, better known to most here as artist/author Grayson. Our world stopped for a while when you left it, friend. I’ll never forget our talks on expanding the community of horror writers, authors, and artists. It was because of you something like 31Nightmares was born. I only wish you got to see it. You made me remember where I came from. A priceless gift. I am forever grateful to you for that.

Dianne Gray, Maddie Cochere, Kozo Hattori and last but most certainly not least, Sofia Siberia.

Dianne, you once could’ve won the award for most supportive comments on here. We love you and think about you often.

Maddie, oh dear, Maddie. One of my favorite authors. You became like family to me—like a lot of you here. Thank you so much for supporting my artwork when it just got its start. I will never forget that. It was your encouragement that kept me and this machine moving forward. You were there through a lot of the ups & downs. We are better for knowing you.

Kozo, my goodness, Kozo you have touched my life in a way not many can. You were a therapist, a friend, a supporter, and so much more. You helped heal more than one old wound on this here alley cat. I can never repay you for that. All I can do is pay it forward, and I’ve done just that ever since. Sometimes I think you’re an angel in disguise. I might just be right. 😉

Sofia, my Sofia. You very quickly became one of my best friends here. You and I always seem to know what the other is thinking before we verbalize it. That is a special thing. A rare thing. Something I treasure. You were there for a great big chunk of this journey. You healed and helped heal. You were supportive. You gave me a guest platform and a piece of your heart. Your mark will always be felt here and protected, and treasured. I love you, my sister from another life.

The Stories Family

Matt “DJ Matticus” Blashill, “The Don BroJo”, Samara, Jeanette “NotAPunkRocker”, “Goldy”

The Newer Bunch

Scott “TwinDaddy”, Revis, Bill Friday, Michael Patrick, Dean Keely, everybody at News 12NJ, Weird NJ, Jesse P. Pollack, Tony Todd, David Barnett, Sunny “SunBunz”, Curtis “Clyde Phalanx”, and so many more.

We have so much we can say about all of you, but mostly we want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for believing in us as a family unit, and me, J “Daydreams” as a person, and professionally, as an artist.

I’ll give you all a moment to digest. I’m going to need one as well. Hopefully, this isn’t goodbye, just ciao for now.

and one more thing…

Don’t ever stop dreaming.





Sleepy Sundays: Grape Sky

Grape Sky ©️2019 Snapping Turtle Arts |

Sundays lately have been a rest time for my family, but I still feel a draw to my work. So I’ve been working on some background sets in my spare time. This is one of those sets from a surreal series. I like the color palette for this one & may use it for another.

Have a colorful Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Beside the Forest Path

Beside the Forest Path ©️ 2019 Snapping Turtle Arts |

With all that’s been going on lately, my dreams have been more vivid than ever. So I revoked the power of an old tradition between my grandfather & I & started noting a dream journal of sorts again. In a recent dream journey, a woman told me “Beyond the forest path, there lies another world.” So that was the inspiration behind this title & that is exactly the direction I followed.

Have a dreamy Sunday

Sleepy Sundays: Way Up There

Way Up There ©️ 2019 Snapping Turtle Arts |

You ever change something so many times it makes you dizzy? Isn’t it even better when you end up right where you began?

This has been the last few months for me. A whole bunch of starting off strong just to get caught under the tires.

I feel a change coming, though. & I’ve certainly had enough. Get back to me when I’m out of this.

Where have you been? What have you been up to? Where has everyone gone? Am I really that vile?

Talk to me. After all, this is our Sunday ritual.

Sleepy Sundays: Enchanted Patch

Enchanted Patch © 2019 Snapping Turtle Arts |

The seasons are changing rapidly around here but somehow this weekend winter managed to hang on. Despite the cold temps these surreal scenes of the entrance of spring managed to creep into my dreams and designs. Spring is very close around here, and you can tell by the trees. You are starting to see little bits of green pop up here and there. Soon even the cold will not be able to stop it. Everything will come into bloom. I’ve always liked the change of seasons around here for that reason, and the beginning of March around here usually signals spring. —Usually.

Have an enchanted Sunday