Sleepy Sundays: Light Storms

Light Storms © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts & Publishing |
Obliterate © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts & Publishing |
These two designs were inspired by events both past and a strange nightmare I had one night years ago about the future.

The first about the past was a beautiful day that was considered rare in the times I grew up in that were somewhat similar to the things going on in present day in the country I call home. The afternoon etched itself into my memories due to a vivid sunset witnessed that mimicked a candy store. There were so many bright pinks and lilacs. Then out of nowhere it seemed to get ruined by a very dangerous electrical storm that no one seemed to see coming.

The second that was dreamt up into a sci-fi design was inspired by a terrifying, sweat-inducing dream had one night where tons of planets were just getting blasted to bits and raining down and outward everywhere.

My lesson in all this trying to concentrate while there are in fact catastrophic things going on in the world that involve spiritual, racial, generational, and just flat out good old fashioned good vs evil, was that we need to take care of one another more. & Fight these evils because like the storm, what appeared out of darkness soon became light. So many of you have been so very kind these past few weeks while we transition the site here.

With an actual storm brewing in the skies over my head as I type this, and the climate changing in my region & all over I hope our own certain future doesn’t look like the one in my nightmares. There’s just way too much more work to do.

Be kind to one another & take care of one another.

Have a peaceful Sunday.


Sleepy Sundays: Seaside


During the week while handling the hustle and stumble that can be the life cycle, I got to visit a place where none of that mattered. It brought me back through a feeling I haven’t had since I was a teenager and had me dreaming of faraway places over the weekend. This is one of the scenes inspired by those dream designs. It all got me thinking that no matter what horrible things may occur in our lives we are strong. No matter what hardships we may endure we can still create whole other worlds through our creations. Those creations then go on to create better worlds. & That’s a beautiful thing.


What beautiful things have inspired you lately?

Have a far out Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Vibration


Some hazy summer afternoons we can end up someplace where we get to appreciate nature. An amber sunset grazed with hint of deep neon pinks and hints of yellowish fog. Sometimes these places only exist in my dreams, and other times, when shared with someone I love, I can see it in their eyes, and it paints the sky around me.

Have you ever seen sights in someone that made everything else disappear?

Have a loving Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Yellow Mist at Sundown

Yellow Mist at SundownYellow Mist at Sundown

Sometimes sadness can have a way of entangling you. There seems to be a lot of that going around lately. Not much seems to be going right. I’ve hit obstacles on the way to publishing. Art sales have been dwindling when they once soared. I find myself less inspired due to a staggering amount of personal issues. To top it all off, a friend of mine is in trouble and in desperate need of help.

With all that going on, it could be difficult to smile. I stepped outside yesterday in need of some fresh air. In the middle of some deep thought, there was a pleasant and very welcome distraction. The sky appeared to be putting on a show before the sun went to bed. It looked a lot like what I sketched up above. It’s like life keeps on trying to tell me to just relax.

So I did.

Brian D’Oliveira – Relax, Why Don’t You

(From the Papo & Yo Original Soundtrack)

What calms you?

Have a relaxing Sunday!

In the Midst of Chaos

When you’re having a busy day, it can be easy to lose yourself. Yesterday I was doing just that. My other half and I were running around from place to place. We were trying our best to complete this errand; that errand. By the time it all started to slow down, I’d realized I was forgetting some things. In the midst of that panic dance, I looked up, only to be stunned.

There was the most beautiful sunset happening right before my eyes. It made something as simple as a supermarket parking lot seem like a platform of magnificence. I couldn’t help but stop just to appreciate it. After being completely mesmerized, I grabbed my phone to snap a few quick pictures.

Here they are:

Pink Wispy Clouds

Serene Sunset

Moral of this story? Sometimes, we just have to slow down & appreciate.