Desert Sunset

In keeping up with my simple, sleepy, Sunday tradition, I’ll let my art do the talking today.

Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset
This was done by combining two pieces of my art and blending them into one. The result created a desert sandstorm effect and a pretty peach-pink sunset. I also added some tiny “stars” that look like sugar sprinkles. Can you spot them?

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Something Dreamy

This is a rough draft of some wall art I’m designing for my son’s bedroom.
Dream Big
It’s one of the few pieces I’ve posted here that is not for sale. Do you guys like it? I’m pretty satisfied with it so far. Those of you that read here often know that my son inspires a great deal of my artwork & designs. This is simply another example.

I hope everyone is having a calm, relaxing Sunday. ♥

Everything Under the…Weather

Wispy Dreamland
My apologies to everyone loyal to this place for not updating as frequently lately. I’ve been a bit “under the weather” the last few days. (Well, that’s a bit of an understatement. I was barfing my brains out…but for those of you that would not like such a lovely visual – let’s just keep it at “under the weather“.) I’m coming out of all of that now and starting to feel better. When I’m feeling drained and can’t write (and I haven’t been able to, I’ve had to put my night’s work of 2 chapters on hold) this is what my artwork comes out like.

You can pretty much say that’s how I feel right now. In other words, all of those swirly purples and very faint hints of dark blue are just my crazy emotions dancing away on some mystery plane trying to find their way back home. 😀

Floating Daydream

In respect of Sunday’s lazy quiet, family-oriented nature, I’d like to keep my words brief for today.

butterfly art, Floating Daydream

This is my little art venture for the weekend. It’s uncertain right now where this may end up. (Maybe a piece in one of my galleries, as an illustration for a random author’s book, or in the trash bin…) All that’s known to me right now is it gives me a pleasant feeling.

The work pictured above was inspired by my joyful and beaming with sparkling energy blogging buddy, Sofia. She told me yesterday I have a “butterfly spirit” and my, my, is that fitting.