Solar Eclipse 2017

Solar Eclipse © 2016 Snapping Turtle Publishing |

As you can see from the caption this piece was actually created around October of last year. I thought it would be perfect to re-share today for the Solar Eclipse 2017.

Will you be doing anything special during the eclipse? Share below.

Sleepy Sundays: A Way Out

A Way Out © 2017 | Snapping Turtle Publishing

This custom wall art & greetings design has a neat little story behind it. Over this weekend I got to catch up with one of my old friends as we planned for future events this summer. While we yapped on and on our conversation turned into my work, then jumped to communication, then before I knew it my friend and I were talking about portals to another dimension.

We were cracking up because I actually am working on both a sci-fi and fantasy art projects for two book covers and two sets of key art, and I was designing these otherworldly places as we spoke. We joked about how it’d be great if we could just blast out of this place during our current set of circumstances. Here’s to hoping none of us have the need in the near future.

Do you ever wish you could blast away to a faraway land?

Have an fantastic Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Daybreak Blizzard

Daybreak Blizzard
Daybreak Blizzard

A few weeks back there was snow in my area upon awakening in the morning. It was so early I was surprised to see snow going on while the sun was blasting through and steadily rising. The moment triggered off an old memory of a blizzard we had around my former area when I was a kid. The whole thing made me remember a song I first heard in a mall parking lot on a day where someone related to me punched me in the face. I was still somewhat young, not yet even in middle school. That song also made me think of a friend that shares its name & a great conversation we once had.

I’m using the design for greeting cards.

Sometimes you have to make the best out of something bad.

This is the song:

What makes your blood run cold? Do songs sometimes remind you of a day?

Have a peaceful and bright Sunday!


Sleepy Sundays: Red Sun

Red Sun Red Sun

When we’re on a road trip there are usually sights that tend to remain in your memory. These are the sights that make for great storytelling later on.

While on the way back from a family outing I saw a spectacular sight. That phenomenon was the inspiration for this art. A relative of mine and I were in deep conversation. Suddenly, I paused upon noticing a very large, beaming, reddish-orange sun off in the distance. Our planetary lamp seemed so unusually large it immediately demanded our attention. This was one of those rare occasions where you could look directly at it without fear of burning your eyeballs out of your head.

Below is an image I managed to quickly snap of this event. Sadly, my phone camera was not able to do it much justice. A lovely view nonetheless, right?

Red Sun_cr
(Click image to view larger)

In science this occurrence is said to be caused by any number of natural weather or materials. (Dust particles in the air, fog, excess humidity.)

In some older cultures of the world, this is said to be a “positive sign” that any hardships going on will turn the tide and a weight will be lifted from the viewer’s life. I sure hope that is true.

Have you ever interpreted something as a sign or do you lean more toward the science of things?

Have a sunny Sunday!

In The Sky

I’ve put together a small gallery of some sunset & clouds snapshots I took about a month ago. Hope you enjoy.

Artistic Sunset

Bizarre Clouds
Take a close look at the clouds at the bottom of the photo. Aren’t they bizarre?

Colorful Sky

Palette in the Sky

Color Array Horizon

Sunset Splash Through the Trees

Cotton Candy Clouds

Sun Bursting Through the Clouds

The Blazing Sun

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