Sleepy Sundays: Reflections

Reflections © 2018 Snapping Turtle Arts |

This weekend there were still details spilling over from the end of March and some loose ends to tie up. Forgive my brief schedule change for  #SleepySundays which I assure is only temporary.

The wall design pictured above is inspired by nature and some activities my son got to partake in; a tradition that felt a lot like times passed for me. Some of it even has to do with the origin of the Snapping Turtle name.

Have you passed any traditions down in your family?

Have a relaxing Sunday!


Sleepy Sundays: April Showers

This weekend I’m adding to the new gallery with something old and a few much newer creations. The photos are from the early and mid 90s, and most of the artwork is from this year. They are proving to be great additions for the spring season and this holiday weekend around this region.

Feel free to take a browse as I continue to move new and older items from Snapping Turtle over to here at its new home at CardCastles in the clouds. 🙂

Have a relaxing Sunday!