Be Happy, Little One

The light of my life turns 4 years old today. This was one of his favorite songs when he was a bit younger. Even though this song is from a children’s program, it can be enjoyed by everyone. There’s a very positive message if you just listen.

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! – Be Happy

So, *Not-So-Little Guy*, that one is for you. “Be Happy”, always.

Didn’t We Almost…

Throughout my early years my mother would pump the beautiful sounds of Whitney Houston around the house. This was a guaranteed routine during her cleaning. I would get very upset when my father left for work. She said music always calmed me. Whitney was a particular favorite.

This is one of the songs I remember loving the most.

Now, I can’t listen to it without crying. Mostly because both my mother and Whitney have now passed on. Still, (although somewhat somber) it brings me a smile and a sense of peace.

This post is part of the Monthly Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music.

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