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Sleepy Sundays: Hey There, Little Red

My son and I always enjoy watching all of the little creatures that roam about before it’s time for him to go off to school. His favorite are the male cardinals that hang around the trees in front. (Female cardinals have a darker feathers and appear to be sandy-brownish. It’s the males that don the beautiful, bright red to attract the ladies.)
When I returned from sending my little one off to school, there sat this little red guy checking me out. So, I did what I always do & snapped a photo of him.

There were some undesirable blurs in the photo that had to be cropped out because it was so sunny that day. This little bird was so adorable I just had to edit the photo and give it a painting effect.

I give you:

Little Red

Little Red
Have a pleasant Sunday, everyone!

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Sleepy Sundays

Since posting something small with minimal text has become somewhat of my Sunday ritual here, I’ve dreamt up a name for it. From now on I’ll be titling these posts “Sleepy Sunday” and tagging it as such. The same exceptions apply here that are already in effect for my “Daily Daydreams“.

There will be short, “dreamy”, artwork, photography, or possibly even poetry-driven post every Sunday unless:

  • I’m under the weather.
  • I have some family or work-related obligation.
  • Some natural disaster has knocked the power out.
  • A zombie apocalypse happens.

With that out of the way, here is my little doodle for today. It’s very girly, but I think both male and female could appreciate it. 😀

It’s called:


Fluttering, butterfly art

(My son helped me choose the colors. He’s the greatest.)