Sleepy Sundays: Drifter


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When you are curious or perhaps not so sure in life, some of us tend to wander. Sometimes, on these journeys we find remarkable places.

[Art Notes: This was originally a photo taken on a trip to New York. (You can view my gallery of that trip here.) The colors were removed and some effects were added to turn this photo into art.]

Trips away can be healthy, healing events. When I’m down, I often look through my albums of the places I’ve been and it reminds me that everything isn’t always at bad as it may seem. I’ve always been somewhat of a wanderer — drifting away every chance I get.

The following artist and this beautiful song remind me of just that. His name is Andrew Bird and I am very proud to feature his amazing music here. I’m am almost certain you will enjoy him as much as I do.

“Let’s get out of here, past the atmosphere.” – Andrew Bird

Are you a drifter?

Have a wanderlust-kind-of Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Flurry


We often pass by scenes like this every day. Yet, through our busy lives, not many of us even glance around. We’re frequently not fully taking it all in. Those who have been here a while may’ve heard me speak of birds once or twice. They have a deep meaning to me if you care to do some digging here. To all of the gracious supporters of my artwork that have rolled in this year, you may see them pop up every now and then.

This particular piece was inspired by a little sparrow I saw hopping around yesterday afternoon.

Is there any creature or symbol that holds a deep meaning to you?

Have a flurry of a Sunday!