For the Love of Art

You’ve heard me speak on artistic expression and how important it is to myself (and others here) many times before. I often see some wonderful creators go unnoticed and this bothers me to no end. So, earlier in the week I vented those thoughts on Twitter and called out to fellow artists and creators of all kinds to share their info with me so we can all give each other a little boost.

The response was so warm and beautiful. Here are the results:

See what I mean? Such a lovely response from such beautifully talented individuals. & We will continue to support and feature fellow artists & creators of all kinds as long as this site stands.

Be sure to follow the CardCastles Twitter for little updates and exclusives like these. For now it’s solely run by yours truly, but moderated by our team behind the scenes here at Snapping Turtle®. CardCastles TERMS apply to all social media accounts as well.

Most importantly, never stop dreaming. 🙂

31 Nightmares 2018: The 14th

Visit in the Night

Every year around this time I often do horror and sci-fi designs not only for clients and friends but also for myself and my own family. This one is likely going to be a wall design. It was based on an old dream about alien life and a night they visited the area.

This has been

Day 14


Share Your Stories

As some reading may know, I also contribute over at Stories That Must Not Die. Starting yesterday, I will be taking your submissions from now until June 15th. If you are interested in submitting a story here are the details:

  • Our subject matter is not limited right now. It simply has to be about a difficult/strange experience you’ve had in your life. (Usually it’s something that doesn’t quite fit in on another blog.)
  • If you wish to submit your story anonymously, that can be arranged.
  • The slots I have to fill are listed on the calendar chart below.

June 2014 scheduleSo, just to be clear, I have open slots for:

Thursday the 5th
Tuesday the 10th
Thursday the 12th

You can contact us on our submissions page, direct message/tweet us @RawrStories on Twitter or send me an email here through CardCastles.

I look forward to hearing from you! Please share this post wherever you can and help spread the word.


A Letter to All the Mommies

Dear Superwomen,

I am there with you. Not in physical form but mentally and spiritually. I have been reading of your strengths and triumphs as well as your struggles and downfalls. You are not alone.

You are a mighty group. You pull from inner strength; and sometimes many, many cups of coffee.


Rest? What is that to you? For you rarely know it. For even when your bodies finally do tremble down to sleep, your minds still run like clockwork.

I want you to know that I love you. Even if we’ve never met. For there is beauty in your courage, saying this, I won’t regret.

Forgive me for not addressing you sooner. Forgive me for making you wait. For I too am a busy mother, not always perfect, but great.

So smile colossal as you read this. I’ve dedicated it to all of you.
For we are brave, we are tough, and we are lovely. You’d better believe that’s true.

Love Always,


© Copyright CardCastlesInTheSky 2012

To all of my Mommy readers. That one’s for you.😉