Shadows of the Present

This is a test photo I snapped messing around with lighting one day when it was still fairly cold out. It’s my shadow and the closest you’ll get to seeing my personal photos until I feel comfortable posting them. (Unless of course you follow my private Instagram, then you get to see all of that lovely mess that is me.)

Some of you that visit me regularly may’ve noticed a slight change in my tone of writing lately. If you’re super-observant, you may have even been able to pick out, I haven’t quite been myself.

As I’ve stated somewhere in my older posts, I’m a very emotional person. Often, those emotions seep into my writing.

If I’m feeling sad, it flows into my wording. If I’m happy, you may notice an up-tick in my frequency/online presence. If I’m angry (queue the dramatic orchestra) I might be venting here & quite fragile.

My apologies to anyone that has suffered the wrath of my moodiness. I’m only human, and much like I put in my “Daily Daydream” the other day:
“We’re all unfinished works.”