31 Nightmares: The 28th

31 Nightmares

Tonight, yet another soon-to-be addition to the horror art over at my gallery.

Howl At the Moon
Howl At the Moon

It’s based on a combination of nightmare and actual story between old friends. My best friend’s mother once told us a story that involved her and her sister seeing some hideous creature late at night. The story always terrified us as kids. Sweet dreams.


This has been Day 28


31 Nightmares

Sleepy Sundays: Roadside

Sleepy Sundays


We’re nearing summer’s end. It’s a time for all of those last minute trips to somewhere, anywhere, as long as it’s far, far away from the stresses of everyday life. Families rush to get in those last few beach visits. Children try to soak up every finite chance to be outdoors, since come September, they’ll be back in classrooms.

One of my favorite bits of summer throughout life has been the spontaneous road trips. Friends and family often perfected the art of the unplanned drive somewhere “different”.

This art was inspired by the little roadside views on some of those trips.

Have you ever taken a spontaneous trip?

Have a scenic Sunday!