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Sleepy Sundays: Recap

Hello, my darlings,

–This Sunday we’re going to do something a little different.

As much as I would’ve liked to share some new artwork with you this weekend, my ongoing health issues have been acting up the last few days & it’s left me with a series of nasty migraines that have been hindering my ability to concentrate.

I don’t want any of you to worry. I’m getting the best possible care I can get and have been showing some signs of improvement lately.

So with all that said & out of the way,

I’d simply like to recap/re-share my last 2 posts on here within our little Sleepy Sundays timeframe.

Have a pleasant Sunday night

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Regroup & Recoup (Part 4)

If you have previously read any of the parts to my Regroup & Recoup series you’ll know this is a bit of a sit down, mull over, and sometimes, a revisiting of sorts to prior stories shared here.

Update to No Call, No Show, and You Still Have a Job?

School ended just a few short days ago for my son, but not without one more no show before the year was over. After we expressed our continued anger and concern to the school, we were finally told something that wasn’t mentioned to us before. It seems the morning driver has two additional routes to travel before ours. This would explain why the bus was so late every day. There were many times my son got to class just as it began to no fault of our own.Rough Draft Wall Art

According to an inside source, this has apparently been happening to many drivers throughout the district and there’s not much anyone can do about it (or so they say) because of school overcrowding. We’ve decided to drop the issue since school has now gone into the summer recess period. However, if we get the same driver next year and this problem reoccurs, further steps will need to be taken to assure our son’s safe arrival to school every day.

The driver appears to have cleaned up his act. Aside from the above mentioned day, was on time every day for three months straight. He also became friendlier and more polite. We tried to see the positive in him and give him another chance.


Our son graduated Kindergarten during the week! He has made us so enormously proud I cannot even begin to express it. He has come such a long way in such a short time once again. This little man continues to amaze us with every challenge he defeats. Way to go munchkin!Celebrate


There’s been a wave of new readers here in the last few months. I cannot help but notice a lot of you are followers from the CardCastles Twitter, and that makes me smile. Welcome, everyone! Be sure to visit the About and The Story pages to learn a little bit more on how things flow here.


You’ll notice a flux in the posting frequency here during the next few months. This change is mostly due to a lighter schedule, and another hosting week in July over at STMND. I have two major stories that will be shared there during my two weeks but two more slots still remain open. As always, if you like to submit a story to be posted over at Stories That Must Not Die, use our Share Your Stories page, contact us on Twitter, or contact me privately here. Some of those posts will be reblogged here, along with some more letters from Rarasaur.

Snapping Turtle Publishing continues to grow and organize. You’ll be seeing any new artwork added there first here, traditionally, through a Sleepy Sundays post.

Last but most certainly not least, you’ll notice a seasonal, summery theme going on here throughout summer. You can bet there will be more original art to accompany it!

Thank you all for continuing to make this place wonderful!

For additional parts to the Regroup and Recoup series, check here:

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I Can See Clearly Now…

Hey there darlings,

It’s been a while indeed. Since there’s been a hefty block of time that I’ve posted anything other than art, I figured I’d update you & explain why. So here ‘goes.

Behind the Scenes

There’s been quite a bit of family mess to sort out lately. I think I’ve mentioned here once or twice before that our 4 year old son has a mild case of autism. If not, well, now you know.

The interesting part is, although he is highly intelligent beyond his years, he has attention/focusing issues, some behavior problems, and many, many sensory difficulties. Our problem lately has fallen into the behavior department. He has been acting out a little at home and in school. We’ve had to make many adjustments to suit his needs. This, as you can imagine, has left little time for work or play blogging.

Although it has been difficult, we’ve always been of the strong sort, and I know we will find some way to come out on top. I just hope you’ll all bear with me for the ride.

What’s In a Name?

Since autumn is the season of change, one couldn’t help but think it was time for just that around here. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed some layout, theme, and header/label changes around here. These changes will only continue & get better, but I promise it won’t be anything too drastic.

Also, my gallery that so many of you have grown to love now has a new home. Don’t worry, my links to it have updated and you will be pointed directly to it from my Artwork page as usual. Instacanvas, the company I sold my artwork through, has simply changed their name to “Twenty20” and now my URL has just changed with it.

My Gallery
Click here to visit my gallery.

I think you’ll enjoy it just as much.

What the Future Holds

If you take a peek at my sidebar, you’ll notice a little note I’ve left stating that there will only be Sunday posts until January. This has a lot to do with a combo of family & work-related obligations. I will still be doing the Daily Daydreams, well…daily! Now, so long as the world doesn’t come crashing down…maybe I can finally finish the book I’ve been juggling between my art & life.

(This song always cheers me up. It so goes with this post too.)

I love you all, I hope you are well. I’m still a friend if you need me.

Has there been any chaos in your life lately? Things not going as planned? Please share. I do love a good coffee chat, & don’t you know it!

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Regroup and Recoup (Part 3)

“So, where’s the panda?” my loyal readers asked.

“All in due time, boys and girls. All in due time…” I replied.

If you’re a regular here, you’ve noticed some drastic changes lately. My little heart balloon-wielding panda was absent for a few days. He has a new home now.

You see, I’ve expressed in the past that this place has needed a makeover for a while. Some of my good friends have voiced that I should have a sidebar, instead of all of my tiny surprises down at the bottom of this site. (Where no one usually sees them. Unless you were looking. In which case, I love you. Even if you didn’t, I still love you because you’re awesome.) So, now I’ve aimed to turn things upside down a bit.

The Change

In the next few weeks, you’ll notice a few things disappearing, but then reappearing just a little more fresh and a bit more clean. The Happy Panda has gotten his “almost fall makeover” and he absolutely loves it. Just look at how joyful he is up there!

There will also be new headings and art added to each one of my 5 pages. (Found up top.) I have a few more surprises in mind but you’ll just have to wait and see what they are…

I hope the new changes don’t confuse or bewilder too much. After all, some change is ideal every once in a while. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Just *bear* (cheesy pun intended) with me while I revamp and paint the town, so to speak. Hopefully, my artist paintbrush doesn’t get things too messy.

Do you love or hate the new layout so far? Sound off below!

This post was part of the Weekly Writing Challenge: Dialogue since my readers are oftentimes my favorite people to dialogue with.

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What is “Chummy Chowder”?

If you are familiar with my writing here you may’ve noticed some posts tagged as “chummy chowder”. You can also find this humorous little phrase in my tag cloud that I’ve labeled “Topics Mentioned Recently”. What you may or may not have asked yourself is “What the heck is “chummy chowder”?”

“Chummy Chowder” is a tag I’ve come up with native to my blog only (for the moment) that describes and addresses my friends, fellow bloggers, and generally all things that make one feel “warm and fuzzy”. If I deem something to fall under this bracket, I’ll label it as such.

Go ahead, browse this section yourself. You know you want to. My posts tagged as “Chummy Chowder”

If you’d like to use this tag yourself, you have my full permission to. It’ll help build a band of us together. Just know that it will associate you with my blog so you might want to explain it to people.

With that said, I’d like to take this opportunity to address my some of my lovely blogging friends here and give them a quick dose of Chummy Chowder.

My Final Awards

Before I begin, I’d like to mention that these will be the last awards I’ll be accepting. Please do not be insulted, anyone. I don’t at all mean to be unkind or insensitive. I just feel that awards and all of their “rules” take away from the content I am trying to bring to my key readers. Awards can sometimes come across as chain-letter-ish and a few of my longtime followers/subscribers have e-mailed me about their spammish nature. I’ve even lost a reader over it. So, with that stated, please understand. I am not doing this to be rude or unthoughtful, it’s just a personal decision. If anyone ignores this post and decides to send an award my way in the future..I’ll do my best to thank you and acknowledge you, but I won’t be participating in any of the “rules”. My sincere apologies. – Daydreams

Illuminating Blogger Award
Image source unknown

This award was given to me by way of my dear friend, Sofia. I’d like to thank her for the overwhelming kindness and friendship she has shown me in such a short time. You can read about my artwork that was inspired by some kind words she said to me in another one of my posts here.

Image source unknown

Next, I’d like to thank Summer.

Summer gave me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award and was also sweet enough to send an e-card my way on Valentine’s Day. I was so touched by that I could just not help myself but to mention it. So, many, many thanks to Summer.


reality blogger award
Image source unknown

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank ElectronicBagLady for the Reality Blog Award. We are new to each other’s material but since she is one of my fellow Bloggers for Peace, she is fast becoming a friend.


Well guys and gals, that about concludes it for now. Coming up I’ll be posting a book review along with some more from my black and white art series. (I’m almost done with it! Yay!)


May you all have a magnificent Monday!