31 Nightmares 2017: The 25th


The early concept pictured above was from a series of nightmares about pretty much hell on earth. There was fire raining down from the skies. This is what I imagine a zoomed out view to be.

This has been Day 25


31 Nightmares 2016: The 22nd

The Dark Maiden
The Dark Maiden

Another one of my most terrifying of nightmares involved my younger sister, my mother, and myself. We struggled to escape a large structure designed by something ancient and evil. The Dark Maiden, was a haunting figure from those recurring dreams. She was not evil like that place, but rather a soul trapped inside a place she didn’t want to be. That place was the basis for my Nightmare World.

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31 Nightmares 2016: The 20th

Blurred Vision
Blurred Vision

One of the most terrifying events that could happen during a nightmare is losing one of your senses. This nightmare at hand was brought about by just that.

I once had a series of nightmares that lasted about 2 weeks. In the beginning I had lost most of my sight and had to rely on my other sense to get around. This design was fully inspired by their memory.

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31 Nightmares 2016: The 9th

These two completely different warped views have an even more otherworldly story. They came from a very deep part of my mind, a terrifying place where this nightmare once lived. It was one of those hellish nightmares where the place you are trapped in seems endless and things repeat themselves infinitely. You fear never awakening. I’m grateful I no longer have this recurring nightmare. Though I’m also filled with gratitude for the countless art it has brought about.

Rear View Lens
Rear View Lens
Rear View_Bent Lens
Rear View_Bent Lens

This has been Day 9 of



Recurring dreams or nightmares are a phenomena that hasn’t plagued this daydreamer in quite some time.

Recently, the norm shifted. I’ve been having a string of nightmares that would make some psychiatrist’s mouth water.

They take place in some dolled-up version of what used to be the dining room in my old home. I’m sitting at a dinner table with (for lack of better terms) —a bunch of dead people.

Some of the people sitting there are relatives; some friends. All of them are people that have passed on. Yet there I am, sitting amongst them, trying to start a conversation.

At first, no one sees me. No one hears me. Then a few make kind, but robotic remarks. As I sit there, trying to make sense of it, everyone’s faces and bodies start to deteriorate. Their flesh starts to decay. Everything sort of falls off, bits and pieces of them falling onto the table, into the food.

I back away from the table slowly, stumbling in shock and terror and run away screaming. As I bolt through the doorway, I enter a hall that wasn’t there before. The walls and area surrounding are dirty, dank, dreary, rusty and dripping. In the corner is a thinly set man, curled up. I gently tap him to see what’s wrong and he jumps up revealing scars and tattered clothes. He appears tortured and beaten. He is frightened beyond consolation. He screams, and I wake up.

I don’t know what it all means.

Perhaps death is weighing heavy on my mind due to loss and my own physical health decline.

Whatever it all means, I drew the man I see there last night.

Terror (original sketch)
Terror (original sketch)
Terror_color render
Terror (Digital art render. Color variation.)

Maybe if I get it all out they can rest. Maybe my mind can rest. I’d like to dig a grave for all of this inner stress. I want to sing it a requiem and be done with it. Though nightmares often aid in my work, this particular set causes me upset in my waking life.

Hopefully my pouring of emotions into the paper can aid my restless psyche. Even if it’s only a teensy bit I’ll be satisfied. Anything’s better than being haunted.