31 Nightmares 2016: The 20th

Blurred Vision
Blurred Vision

One of the most terrifying events that could happen during a nightmare is losing one of your senses. This nightmare at hand was brought about by just that.

I once had a series of nightmares that lasted about 2 weeks. In the beginning I had lost most of my sight and had to rely on my other sense to get around. This design was fully inspired by their memory.

This has been Day 20 of


Regroup and Recoup (Part 3)

“So, where’s the panda?” my loyal readers asked.

“All in due time, boys and girls. All in due time…” I replied.

If you’re a regular here, you’ve noticed some drastic changes lately. My little heart balloon-wielding panda was absent for a few days. He has a new home now.

You see, I’ve expressed in the past that this place has needed a makeover for a while. Some of my good friends have voiced that I should have a sidebar, instead of all of my tiny surprises down at the bottom of this site. (Where no one usually sees them. Unless you were looking. In which case, I love you. Even if you didn’t, I still love you because you’re awesome.) So, now I’ve aimed to turn things upside down a bit.

The Change

In the next few weeks, you’ll notice a few things disappearing, but then reappearing just a little more fresh and a bit more clean. The Happy Panda has gotten his “almost fall makeover” and he absolutely loves it. Just look at how joyful he is up there!

There will also be new headings and art added to each one of my 5 pages. (Found up top.) I have a few more surprises in mind but you’ll just have to wait and see what they are…

I hope the new changes don’t confuse or bewilder too much. After all, some change is ideal every once in a while. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Just *bear* (cheesy pun intended) with me while I revamp and paint the town, so to speak. Hopefully, my artist paintbrush doesn’t get things too messy.

Do you love or hate the new layout so far? Sound off below!

This post was part of the Weekly Writing Challenge: Dialogue since my readers are oftentimes my favorite people to dialogue with.

Other Regroups

Regroup & Recoup: Part 2

My sincere apologies go out to my regular readers for my unintended hiatus.
I’ve been busy trying to put back the pieces and get my family’s life back in order after the wrath of superstorm Sandy. You can read more about that ordeal in these two posts:
Regroup & Recoup
Living Hell

As for other, more positive news..
I’m planning on organizing a Winter Gallery post for the upcoming season. Due to the kind response to my Fall Gallery, this seemed like the next step.

I’m also planning on posting some more seasonal activities pages for all of my Mommy readers.

Since this post was just meant to update you all on things here, I’ll bring this to a close. To keep this from being 100% yawn-invoking..I’ll leave you with something pretty to stare at.

Winter Approaches
I took this about 2 days ago. If that tree could speak, I believe it would whisper “winter approaches..” So that’s what I titled it.