March is often a difficult month for me. It signals a slowing of my writing. (See details on that here.) It’s a change from the cooler months into the warmer months. I’m not sure entirely what it is, maybe it’s the loathsome allergies I get in the early spring. Maybe it’s the constant, unrelenting, rain we’ve been getting during this month for the past few years. Maybe…it’s because it brings back some painful memories for me. Maybe…just maybe….I’m not a huge fan of March. Whatever the reason, I’ve got quite a few more days to go, so I might as well make the best of it.

So here it goes:

I’m told when I’m feeling down and out of sorts, that’s when some of the best work comes out of me. Well, my best work is not quite here yet but hey, this is going to be a part of one of my collections. 🙂

“Not So Empty Room”

Not So Empty Room

Floating Daydream

In respect of Sunday’s lazy quiet, family-oriented nature, I’d like to keep my words brief for today.

butterfly art, Floating Daydream

This is my little art venture for the weekend. It’s uncertain right now where this may end up. (Maybe a piece in one of my galleries, as an illustration for a random author’s book, or in the trash bin…) All that’s known to me right now is it gives me a pleasant feeling.

The work pictured above was inspired by my joyful and beaming with sparkling energy blogging buddy, Sofia. She told me yesterday I have a “butterfly spirit” and my, my, is that fitting.