Troubled Waters

I had an interesting last few days.

My younger cousin and I have been dialoguing a lot more recently and it’s opened my eyes to so many new things. One would be, I’ve never realized how similar we are as adults. I remember us running around as children and always having a great deal in common, but was blind to the fact that it transferred into adulthood.

We spoke about our family and our ethnicity and so many wonderful things. She is raising a child of her own and she is doing an amazing job, even being dealt a shitty hand. I am in awe of her. At 21 she has more maturity than some people twice her age.

This all sparked conversation in my own home about race and ethnicity and even more wonderful things. As that conversation was happening, I was sent some links to something that made me sick on Twitter.

People were (and still are) complaining about the race of a girl cast to play the new Ariel in Disney’s live-action version of The Little Mermaid.

What a bunch of fuckwits. Talk about a waste of space.

I’ve drawn and designed mermaids many times in my life and now I do so professionally, and I assure you, no where does it state they have to be a certain shade. I’ve even designed some with a lavender skin, or a greenish hue, sometimes pink; sometimes blue.

In the words of Jim Morrison, people are strange.

There are events going on in our country that are in dire need of attention, but these are the things some choose to get angry about.

It’s maddening.

The Shining Sea

I have a niece that I already know will very much look up to the new Ariel. Right now, her favorite is Moana for similar reasons. That alone makes me smile. That alone makes me want to give every one of those people complaining a great, big Jersey hello. (That’s the middle finger for those of you that’ve never been out here.)

So with that said, I hardly ever do fan art. About 98% of my art are originals. That being the case, I am going to make an exception for this next one and maybe a few others. After all, I plan on doing more of these for this movie coming up if time allows.

A Little Mermaid © 2019 Snapping Turtle Arts |

The following early concept is one of a limited edition series I’m doing on mermaids. This first one was inspired by the new Ariel.

Instead of me going back at some of those people that are spreading racist ideals on Twitter, this is going to be my retaliation. Share it if you can. Art speaks and it also teaches. Let the art teach. Maybe they can see its beauty and learn something.

Let the art teach.


Daydreams Diary: I’ve Been Waiting…

It’s been a while since I sat down to catch up with you.

There’s a reason for that.

In the recent words of someone I’ve always admired, actress Uma Thurman,


“I’ve been waiting to feel less angry.”


I’ve got a flurry of these Daydreams Diaries coming up this season perhaps making up for it.

With all of the events going on in the world, I felt the sudden urge to re-post my own #MeToo story,

The Girl That Didn’t Cry Wolf



Shared exclusively a few years ago at Stories That Must Not Die.

I think it’s important to highlight this happens to very young girls too. & We need to protect and educate our children.

Love Always,

Sleepy Sundays: Lifeforms


This next little design was inspired by the thought that life can come in so many infinite forms. I’ll be using it for an upcoming project.

I’m not buying into the hidden agendas of those who say we have become a nation divided. Somehow, in some cases, that warped thinking has them believing things are better that way. I’ve heard it both whispered and shouted.

Yet my groups of friends are as diverse as NY and NJ when my family first came to this country not but two generations ago. I consider my friends my extended family and I always have. We sit together, all from different backgrounds and cultures and yet we love each other, and share so much in common.

I guess what I’m trying to relay is, going into this new year, we must remember the past but we must also move forward if we want anything to change.

Otherwise, if we don’t ALL work towards loving one another then evil starts to grow.

It takes over.

Like a virus in the air spreading and spreading amidst the wind and latching on to your insides.

I know our world and humanity itself is better than that. I know there is true noble beings and real good amongst us. Some of you reading this right now are fighting for good and I am in awe of everything ahead of us. There is a brand new time on the horizon. We have a great opportunity here with this new year. Let’s put all this negativity behind us and start anew, keep an open mind, and spread love through all that we do.

What are your plans for the New Year?

Have a wonderful 2017!

& A magnificent Sunday


Toy Cars and Shooting Stars

Words can be the single most powerful thing known to man. Most of us wouldn’t allow ourselves to admit that. Still, some would sincerely agree. Spoken words can sometimes impact a person for a lifetime. A single sentence can ring in our minds and repeat itself over and over until we meet our ends. People can experience these instances at many points in their lives. I’ve had many of these occurrences throughout my own life. One in particular happened just the other day.

I was on the phone with my grandfather whom I’ve become very close to over the past two years or so. He asked about the toys cars he’d bought my son. We laughed when I explained how “over the moon” his great grandson was about the new toys. He then uttered “I remember when it was that easy to make you happy.”

To someone that didn’t know him, that comment may come off as rude. That was not the case, though. It wasn’t the case at all. I knew exactly what he meant. In his own way, he was saying “I wish I could take your pain away.”

As he said it, I replayed some fragments of happiness from childhood over in my head. Quickly after, I remembered the great losses I’ve suffered and realized why my grandfather said what he said. I fought back tears as not to let him hear any sadness in my voice. I joked and shrugged it off and we laughed some more, but I knew that sentence would stay with me.

Having children and watching them grow could sometimes make you remember things from your own childhood. Some good, some bad, but inevitably, it’s a learning experience. Throughout life, as I stated earlier, some spoken words have stayed with me. Being a writer, I tend to analyze words in a different light. As a mother, I am aware that many phrases expressed can have a lifelong impact. So, I choose my words carefully. This particular instance was a positive one, despite how I may’ve made it sound. It stayed with me because it made me remember that I have a relative that cares deeply when a lot of others don’t.

So as your eyes grow weary from reading my own words. I’ll leave you with a quote of mine that it sure to stay with you as well.

“Have no regrets, for you learn from everything.”