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Daydreams Diary: Cold Air

—• Cold Air •—

[ October 12th, 2017 9:47PM ]

I wanted to explain things to you.

It’s been so long.

There’s so much to explain.

I wanted to write about all the crap going on today.

I was going to call it “The Silencing of Rose McGowan” and it would’ve been great.

But I don’t have a lot of that edgy shit in me right now. & Well, frankly, you don’t care anyway.

I’ve been told to

keep the politics out of it.”

Hell, that was even my rule here once. Maybe that’s where I fucked up.

I need to drop the “Daydreams” because I’ve been “out of character” for over two years now.

But I still don’t feel 100% comfortable putting my name out there.

Maybe I should.

My head is a mess.

My health is dwindling.

I want to turn it all around but I am losing the fight.

I am losing my will to hold on.

It’s not that I’m ungrateful.

It’s that I was born with a cursed body.

And a cursed mind.

I may be of the witchy sort,

but I’m not one to undo hexes.

After all, the one that set that in motion had a reason and felt justified at the time.

No, I’d rather see how this plays out.

So let me be.

I’ll do just fine.

Just let me curl up

with this rott

in my mind.

[ September 17th, 2017 ]

—• Flashes •—


You wrote me today.

It was the first time in a while and it made me smile.

Even if just for a speck of reality.


I stumbled upon them again today.

This is the second time they were connected to someone in my network.

A new potential client or friend that I again had to let go in fear of them following the trail.

Why do I still care?

Do they even still think about me?

Am I still considered “a threat”?

I highly doubt it when he’s got 82,000 following and I’m well, me.


My patience was tested again today.

This was the third time in a few short weeks.

You accused my friend of baiting when he simply fought to be heard.

Why do you seek to silence us?

Will muting the messenger really snuff out the message?

Perhaps it be your guilty conscience that’s speaking louder than the both of us.

The weight of your judgement through trying times speaks volumes of your character.

[ August 30th, 2017 ]

—• Tormentors •—

Time is always uncertain.

Your words don’t stick.

They fade.

You think you’re important.

You’re not.

“Shade, shade, shade.”

You’re damn right it’s shade.

My tongue is a blade.

You are empty

And I am afraid.

So let’s make a trade.

Shall we, Adelaide?

Let’s call a spade a spade and give up this masquerade

when you know it’s just me here

and the bill must be paid.

Despite your shiny appearance,

your pockets are frayed.



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Love in the Air


There’s going to be a theme floating through CardCastles this month. Can you guess what it is?Canvas Hearts

I’ll give you a hint.

It’s something discussed here and touched upon often.

Give up yet?

It’s…. L O V E.

Have a look at some of the previous CardCastles about/tagged “love” for an idea of what you can expect this February.

Posts tagged “love”:

L O V E | CardCastlesInTheSky

I look forward to February with all of you!

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Dance, Dance

Grace. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of the many friends I’ve made through Bloggers for Peace. This group is full of so many talented, kind, and loving people. I’m grateful to have met each and every one of you. I’d also like to thank Rarasaur for pointing me in Kozo‘s direction. It’s because of her I’ve gotten the chance to share and build with all of you.

It’s been a spectacular year and although I don’t have a traditional party planned, I did things the best way I know how. Through art and words. I give you…



To me it represents all of us coming together like one magnificent dance.

Gifts of Growth
With the year now behind us
Before we’ve truly begun
I’m anxious to tell you
That we all have won.

We’ve grown inside and you see it.
What a sight it is when we shine.
I hope it stays like this forever.
The gift is not just mine.

This has been part of the Monthly Peace Challenge: Party On, Garth for December. I couldn’t be prouder of all of the Bloggers for Peace. May you all have a peaceful New Year.

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Dream On, Dreamer

I know it was announced last week that CardCastlesInTheSky will only have Sunday posts until January 2014, but there had to be an exception today for two reasons.

  • #B4Peace
  • Halloween

The Monthly Peace Challenge for October called for an imagining of our world as peaceful. Being a parent, this stirred up thoughts of our children. My uncle, a retired law-enforcement officer, is now running for the Board of Education in his district. Sadly, one of the issues that came up in the interviews during the “Meet the Candidates” meeting was guns in schools. It’s a little unsettling that we have to talk about this, but this is our world now. You can watch that video below. His name is Gerald Bruno, and I am very proud to call him family.

Meet the Candidates

This is what a peaceful world would look like to me.

Peaceful Dream

The world is quiet now

It is free of strong sorrow

Severe pain

The children run and laugh and play

Love stretches to every corner

Every niche


We are free to roam outside





If our world was completely free of pain I’d dream it sounded something like that. Maybe someday. One can dream, right?

Other Peaceful Dreamers:

Caron Eastgate Dann – If everyone in the world did this…

Goldfish – A Lesson in Peace



Around the Bend

Crawling inside
This ache, this sting
Shatter my consciousness
Trouble you bring

There’s a girl standing afar
A chill fills me near
Grip onto the nearest wall
Drown me in fear

Thoughts scream like banshees
I can’t take it anymore
Go away, leave me now!
Don’t forget to close the door!

Why is she there?
Is she around to warn me?
One can’t help wonder
Is this how it’s meant to be?

She moves closer quickly
My legs are glued to the beams
It’s safe to assume
I’m trapped in my dreams

© 2013 CardCastlesInTheSky