Sleepy Sundays: Harvesting


We harvest a storm of emotion during the fall just as nature does the same. It’s about the change over to new pathways and new beginnings as we enter a new season. 

Our family happened upon a very intriguing little area this weekend. I was so taken by the scenery, sparks started flying as to how I was going to work these into my designs.

This tiny stretch of cornfield was just uphill to a roadside and being this is the harvesting time of year, I chose that title for my works.
The area had such atmosphere to it. The tiny, thin rows created the most gorgeous, rusty-colored skyline of sorts.

What do you harvest in the fall? It is love? Family? Creativity? Do tell.

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Have a pleasant Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Signs


There was a huge thunderstorm about ten minutes before this photo was taken.

Everyone I spoke to that day was having a rough time. Things weren’t exactly looking up for me either.

Then something amazing happened. The sky turned a very bizarre and bright yellow. The odd color drew me outside. Low and behold, there was this gorgeous rainbow painted across the sky waiting for me.

The rainbow also drew out a good portion of my neighbors. All of them were taking pictures of it. Everyone had a smile. For a brief moment in time, it brought everyone together.

This is what I wish for the world.

What brings you together with others?

Have a colorful Sunday!

Celebrating 4 Years!


We’re celebrating 4 years of CardCastles today!


There is so much more planned for this year. As you may have heard or read, I’m bringing back 31Nightmares this October. That small detail of upcoming events is barely even the beginning.

Thank you for riding with me and all of us on this journey. You have made this such a special place.


Sleepy Sundays: Forest Nook

Forest Nook
Forest Nook

For years I’ve taken inspiration from the sights and sounds of nature. This piece is no different. Yet, there’s something alive about this one. The colors seem to dance on the page.

With spring around the corner, I imagine some of that imagery will only seep into my work some more.

I have a very special musical treat to go along with this Sunday morning’s coffee chatter. The Otherworlds Café has been a busy place lately. There seems to be radio transmissions being found there…

What was the last bit of imagery that inspired you? Do you create your own music? Are you excited for spring?

Sleepy Sundays: Snowy Sunday

There are many places around the globe that experienced snow this weekend. If you were on the east coast, like I am, you got hit by the storm known as Jonas, or as it’s being captioned in photos across the internet, “Blizzard of 2016.”

Here are some snaps we took while emerging from our cave. Even though we were snowed in, we managed to make fun of it. The coffee and hot chocolate flowed. I was finally able to sit down and get some writing and art requests done. It’s about time too, since I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately.

What do you enjoy doing during a snow day? Do you get snow where you live?

Have a cozy Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Strung


The chaos of the modern-day holiday season can leave us temporarily high-strung and packed with anxiety.

I’m lucky that even though this season I may have been this brand of high-strung, I’m strung together with people I love.

Do you get stressed out planning for holidays? Does your family or friends circle make homemade ornaments? 

Have a shining Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Stasis

If you follow the CardCastles Instagram, then chances are you already saw this moment I captured that inspired the art further below.


It was a chilly afternoon when I snapped this photo. Right before this strange warm-up that’s seemed to have hit my area just ahead of winter.

I was amazed at how the sky was clearly showing signs of winter approaching, yet they were predicting near summer-like temperatures for the following week.

It all got me thinking about how busy some of us all are and how many emotions are flying around this season. The thought reminded me of a story I heard once of how a winter fairy would slumber in some form of stasis. She would bring the trees and the plants around her into this slumber.

So I decided to draw my own version of her, in both day & night variations.

Do the holidays have you feeling the need to recharge? Does the end of the year bring about a “start from scratch” attitude in you? 

Have a restful Sunday!