Sleepy Sundays: Distant Memories

Distant Memories Distant Memories

This image is original photography that was altered in color, lighting, and an effect known as “smoothing”. I wanted this photo to be turned into something that resembled an old painting. Now that I look at it, there seems to be a strange marriage between an old painting and a photo negative here. I was going for surrealism. Truth be told, the actual place where the original photo was taken is somewhat surreal itself.

The place is virtually hidden. Most people in surrounding area don’t even know it exists. Those that do know it will tell you they’ve seen some strange things around there both night and day.

Are there any strange places near you? Do you know of any hidden gems in your town/city?

Have a creepy Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Signs of Spring


Signs of SpringIt’s been a while since photos have made an appearance on our Sleepy Sundays. This weekend I’ll be sharing two versions of the same photo. Initially, I wasn’t happy with how this one pictured above came out. I loved the colors but the zoom I used chopped up the resolution because I wasn’t using a high-quality camera at the time. So, what’s a girl to do when she has something every Sunday to share with you?

I got to tinkering. Distant Spring
Although I still love the colors of the original, this one has a cleaner look to it. Kind of has a vintage feel, doesn’t it? I’ll let you be the judge, jury, and executioner on this one.

Which picture do you like the most? What are your favorite signs of spring?

Have a special Sunday!