The Stars

Last night, when I put my son to bed, there was something out of the ordinary. If you know children, then you know the bedtime routine can always be a bit sanity-draining. It starts with the push/pull of “Time to go to bed!”, “No!” followed by enough silly requests to make even a celebrity assistant overwhelmed.

Last night was a Rough Draft Wall Artshift from the norm.

My son was visibly tired and instead of his 21 requests, he had merely one question for me.

“Where do we come from?”

Now, normally this is a question that would make most people panic. I’m surprised it didn’t make me have a heart attack, actually. Instead, I answered quickly and from the heart – (which is trait I possess that often gets me into trouble, but this time, it actually helped.)

“The stars.”

His normal 21 questions starting with “Why?” or “Why not?”, following my response were null. Instead his eyes light up, and he simply smiled. He smiled a “knowing” smile that only some relatives of mine recognize. It is a “knowing” smile of “seers” and all things visual.

What I found to be even stranger, and somehow fated, was it took place right after a long day where there had been a lot of spiritual conversation going on in my personal life. The subject of “the stars” just seemed to keep popping up. Earlier that morning, we shared a spotless, but heart-wrenching piece from Rara over at Stories with a theme of stars tied in as well.

It all got me thinking. How small we all are in such a vast, boundless universe. So, I created this piece, another inspired by my beautiful, kind, intelligent, sensitive being of a son.

and I titled it:

The Stars

The Stars

Sleepy Sundays: Serenade


Music is a subject you’ve gazed upon quite often here on CardCastles. What you may not know is, I have a background in it and I work with it from time to time.

Last week, a friend of mine suggested I lend my hand in some collaborative project where I’d get to play around with sound once again. I was ecstatic. As I laid out the audio plans, I was inspired. There was a loop playing in my head of a melodic lullaby. The soothing tune that floated through my mind started to paint an image as well. Those of you that know my art well, know I see pictures in everything. Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to bring those mental images to life. Drift away with me, will you?

What is your favorite “night sight” or sound?

Have a serenading Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Light Show

Light ShowLight Show

A few nights back there was a meteor shower visible from my front steps. This is the artistic equivalent to where my mind went. Sometimes we can drift to a faraway place while standing still…

Have you ever witnessed a meteor shower?

Have a shimmering Sunday!

Nighttime Art

owl, art for children, I made this with my son in mind. There’s talk of where the canvas will go on his walls.

 It hasn’t been added it to my gallery yet because I have to fit the dimensions correctly. This fun little landscape made me realize I don’t have many night additions in my collection.  Now, I’m planning on changing that.

Goodnight, all!