Clearing Out the Clouds

Above is the message sent out to my Instagram followers this morning. Right now, my Instagram account is just a close group mixture of friends, family, and clients. So, of course, they get to know everything first. If you’d like exclusive updates like this one, just pop on over to the CardCastles Instagram and hit the follow button.

As for things here, just like the above message states, #SleepySundays will resume in two weeks time to its normal scheduling. In the meantime, you may see a bunch of pieces moving and shifting about in the clouds. I assure you, this is all part of something much larger than CardCastles itself and when the full shift is made by the end of 2017, you will start to see the changes.

Everything will begin to operate from one central hub — here. My services have become a sort of small business in about a year’s time, and this place is going to start to reflect that. Thank you for being so patient with me with these ever-changing cards I’m dealt.

It’s been a fantastic journey. I look forward to the months ahead. Brace yourselves. There is so much more to show you this 2017.

Moving On

There’s a great number of things coming to a close these days. My own life is no different. With change comes a certain need for adjustment but, I think sometimes we’re better for it in the long run.

As I discussed the upcoming school year with my son yesterday, I asked him “Are you ready?”

The little one then replied with something I think we all can take note of at times.

“Yea Mom, I’m movin’ on.”

My son is only five years old. (Won’t be six until August) Yet, this little guy seems to hold more knowledge in him than a lot of us as adults.

~This one’s for you little guy~

Moving On

Moving On