Sleepy Sundays: Memories, Memories

She was on my mind since days ago, when I resurfaced from my work coma and realized Mother’s Day was coming up. While caring for my own son, who recently fell ill I couldn’t help but replay times I was with her in my head.

One of those times, one of the few times she actually drove, we had a blast as we set out on our journey to my old home.

This song that I couldn’t find for the longest time was playing. Last week I stumbled upon it on YouTube:

It was the most fun we had laughing and giggling for a moment in time. I miss her.

Flowers often remind me of her for personal reasons. So whenever you see florals in my art, chances are she may have something to do with it.

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Life has shifted to a point where I finally feel like I’d be making her proud. Growing up, she was one of the only people besides a cousin that ever supported my passions from day one.

She didn’t live long enough to see me get to this point. Yet somehow, I know she’d be my biggest fan. She always was.

She didn’t live long enough to see me become a mother myself. Yet somehow, I know she would love my son unconditionally.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask “Is this really my job? Do I really have most of what I wanted in life? Yet somehow, even with that happiness and sense of achievement, on days like this, I just miss her. It’s a slap of reality that I am a young woman and yet most of my friends and family are dead. I’m determined to honor them. Each time use my hands and mind in unison to create arts in this world, I will honor them.

Nothing’s gonna break our stride, Mom. Nothing ever will.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there.

Growing Up

5th Birthday

Today is my son’s 5th birthday.

That sentence means so many new, amazing, and frightening things for us. He starts kindergarten in a new school next week. He’s no longer a toddler, but a growing little boy with independence, imagination, and infinite amounts of energy. I love the person he is becoming. He is highly intelligent with a keen sense for other’s emotions.

Sometimes I worry he is growing up too fast. Don’t all of us mothers go through this, though?


My little guy has always loved the movie Coraline. It was originally one of the movies from my own collection. I’m a huge fan of stop-motion animation. When my son was about three years old he watched it with me around Halloween-time. He fell in love with everything about it. He still watches the movie to this day. This is one of his favorite songs from the movie. It’s appropriately titled “The Party”.

So on your special day, this one’s for you, little guy.



Sleepy Sundays: Mother

Mother Mother

Sharing this with all of you after a very rough and trying last few months brings a wave of warmth over me. This celebration of mothers everywhere isn’t always pleasant for everyone. There are some struggling as single mothers with no one in their corner. Some sons and daughters are mourning the loss of a mother. Couples all over the globe may be struggling to have a child, and some may have just lost one.

Much like life, not all aspects are glittery, and yet not all are so terrible either. The mother in me wants you all to be at peace. I want for each one of us to just imagine this picture of a growing child in their mother’s womb and feel comfort. You are not alone.

Happy Mother’s Day

from CardCastlesInTheSky

The song I chose to go along with this artwork is from one of my favorite videogame soundtracks, The Unfinished Swan. The song is titled “New Growth”. It’s quite peaceful and serene, don’t you think?

Hug a mother this Sunday!

Still feeling down? If you’re looking for something uplifting this Mother’s Day, read this.

Brand New Friends

You may remember my talk of the gift that gave back on Mother’s Day. My son came home with just a simple, tiny sprout, much like himself. It needed much care and attention but it has grown. What a beautiful group of flowers it has budded into now!
Inspired by my little one and his touching gift, I’ve put up this little slideshow gallery for you to enjoy today.

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Perfect Moments

I’ve been pretty private with some aspects of my personal life on here. One of those bits has been family photos/video.

There is just reason for that. In due time, I’ll share those reasons with you and the walls will begin to come down.

I’m making my first dent in those walls today.

Many of you have said some of your favorite reads are those where I speak about my son.
Those of you that are exceptionally close with me know he is a driving force in my life. He inspires a ton of my art, he motivates me to accomplish every one of my goals, and he just makes me an all around better person.

So, I’m lifting my protective cape today – just so you can see how wonderful this little guy is. Enjoy the moment that made me smile today.

He is the reason I’m able to smile at all.

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