Sleepy Sundays: Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe Parallel Universe

Have you ever had a dream so realistic you were saddened to find it hadn’t happened upon awakening? This has occurred more than once for me over the past few years. I’ll have a dream I was chatting with my mother as if she were still alive, or I’ll be in a place so much more peaceful than here that when I wake up, a sort of sadness seeps in.

This piece was constructed with that feeling in mind. My thoughts on it were it seemed like a postcard from another land. The color, texture, and even scenery are largely different from the original photo taken a few weeks back.

Share your dream stories. You know I love a good coffee chat!

Have a dreamy Sunday!


A Splash of Inspiration

Inspiration can come from the oddest of places. My son and I were standing out waiting for his bus in the freezing cold earlier and he blurted out “SPWASH!” (Splash)

I then looked down to see what he was referring to. He was pointing at a drain pipe that runs down the side of our building and into the ground. My little one always finds beauty and amazement in the simplest of objects. Oh, to have such innocence and unlimited imagination is quite a gift. What he didn’t realize (or care about) was that he gave me a fantastic idea.

Splash, art, abstract
The above piece is the result of that idea. I’ve been searching for an image I could include in a little “About Me” type of blurb that could then be put into one of my blog’s wonderful widgets. Thanks to my little burst of sunshine and happiness I have just that.