Sleepy Sundays: Candy Leaf Sunsets

Candy Leaf Sunsets © 2018 Snapping Turtle Arts |

Fall always comes into my designs somehow this time of year. This past week some scenes I discovered locally crept into my custom artwork once again.

Have you seen any sights yet this fall?

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Wind Trips

Wind Trips © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts |

Patterns like this one are always a blast for me to design because I’ll collage several different designs into one. This one is made up of two different patterns of fall foliage, one that I shrunk down into tiny little golden pearl-textured dots. I’ve been working on designs like these through October, and they will likely continue through November if time allows.

This weekend’s was inspired by the winds that hit here about Friday that are signs of an upcoming storm in our area.

What colors have you seen floating through the sky lately? Do you like multi-layered designs for a living room? How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

Have a breezy Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Light Work

Light Work © 2017 Snapping Turtle Publishing |

The running theme for this month among family, friends, and colleagues seems to be that our passions bring us peace of mind. We all go through our trials in life. Some days even harder than the next. Though if you’re working towards or doing something you love, a little light work makes the lights work.

—And not just the lights in the house.

*This custom piece was designed for a friend of mine who’s also a *divine* lady that’s always added a little sparkle to my day.

What brightens your lights lately?

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: A Way Out

A Way Out © 2017 | Snapping Turtle Publishing

This custom wall art & greetings design has a neat little story behind it. Over this weekend I got to catch up with one of my old friends as we planned for future events this summer. While we yapped on and on our conversation turned into my work, then jumped to communication, then before I knew it my friend and I were talking about portals to another dimension.

We were cracking up because I actually am working on both a sci-fi and fantasy art projects for two book covers and two sets of key art, and I was designing these otherworldly places as we spoke. We joked about how it’d be great if we could just blast out of this place during our current set of circumstances. Here’s to hoping none of us have the need in the near future.

Do you ever wish you could blast away to a faraway land?

Have an fantastic Sunday!

31 Nightmares: The 4th

31 Nightmares

The Dark Inside
The Dark Inside
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Today’s nightmare has origins you probably wouldn’t expect. The monster we’re dealing with today is that of the one in the mirror.

You see, I created today’s artwork by using a very old image of an unlikely model—me.

I’ve seen this face before, but don’t be fooled by the fact that she’s the much prettier version. The spirit bound within is not the same is mine. Her eyes are hollow, and so is her inside. The very core of her presents the absence of a soul, and a replacement of something else. Something ancient, and evil.

I’ve seen this woman in my nightmares before. I fear she is what I’d become if I stopped caring. Right now she only haunts a twisted part of my dreams. Though, what I’ve realized from meeting her is we all possess this evil twin in some form. Sometimes the person we look at in the mirror, the one that stares back is finally happy. Other times, we don’t recognize that person at all.

Happy Haunts!

The has been Day 4 of…

31 Nightmares