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Sleepy Sundays: Night Lights

Night Lights Night Lights

For as long as I can remember, night drives have relaxed me. This weekend our little family went on another trip up to New York. We stayed most of the day, chatting and catching up with our loved ones. The ride back was the tiny lockets of time that dreams are made of. There was jazz playing on the radio as the city lights danced among the night sky. I couldn’t help but snap one photo while the music tickled and soothed my eardrums.

It was like a lullaby for us grown folks.

To go along with this busy, yet somehow mesmerizing photo, I chose an artist and song that was much like the music we had the pleasure of listening to on our ride home. It’s none other than the legendary Miles Davis. Enjoy, fellow dreamers…and be lulled on this Sleepy Sunday.

Miles DavisBlue in Green

Has a song ever hit you like a lullaby? What kind of music or particular artist relaxes you?

Have a jazzy Sunday!

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Sleepy Sundays: The Heart Studio

The Heart StudioThe Heart Studio

Music is a love held dear to many of us. There’s something about a great song that just soothes the animal within. Since February is a month of love, I figured why not combine two passions. This piece is another one of my art/photography hybrids. I was going to do a whole lot of texturing and layering to it, but after scrapping a few copies, it appeared to look quite elegant somewhat untouched.

By now you know I love to pick songs that seem to fit my artwork at the time. The following song is by the ultra talented Robert Glasper. Grab some coffee and enjoy it with me. I think the upbeat rhythm will be the perfect start to your Sunday.

The jazzy piano just sounds like Sunday morning, doesn’t it?

What is your passion?

Have a musical Sunday!

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Sleepy Sundays: Jazzy Nights

I’m going to do something a little different for today’s Sleepy Sunday post. I’ve told you before that inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Today, I have photographic evidence of just that. Let’s peel back the curtain and view the source of my inspiration for today’s art, shall we?

beige shadow

It was the strangest thing. I was making my son’s breakfast, same as I do every morning. He asked for oatmeal and bananas. So, I cooked away while my coffee was brewing. I have a habit of putting down a paper towel to rest any spoons or other utensils on. When I lifted the spoon and the hot bowl, I saw a neat little shape. It spoke to me.

The damp spot immediately gave me a mental picture. I had to snap a photo of it (pictured above) because I knew it would be the inspiration for today’s post. It reminded me of some retro art from the other eras of women dancing to jazz. You know the kind, the beautiful detail of some African-American art, or those old fertility statues so many people have in their homes. I did my best to create that feel. The result was astonishing. I have to say this is some of my best work to date. It was like some spirit took me over and helped me do the work.

So sit back and enjoy…

Jazzy Nights

Jazzy Nights

I’m also adding some music from the timeless Billie Holiday to give you the feeling that ran through me.

Have a rhythmic Sunday!