Perfection Culture

white-flowers-pattern.pngLately I’ve seen a decent number of stuffy posts all over the internet by professionals (& Non-professionals. And professionals that shouldn’t be professionals, and non-professionals that think they’re professionals…)

all passing on advice to never show anything but your absolute best work. They go on to insist that no one is going to take you seriously, blah-blah, blah.

Yeah, about that…

I’ve come to learn in my almost 4 years doing this [selling art, rebuilding a company] professionally, that people respect me for sometimes showing my flaws as an artist,

at times even blatantly pointing them out~>Sleepy Sundays: Meditation (From CardCastles Archives, Year: 2014)

In an attempt to help other artists with mistakes we all make sometimes.

—and you still keep coming back.

No one turns away from my site and says, “Oh my goodness, she’s so unprofessional! Did you see that shading mistake she made on that one?” For every mistake, I learn, make adjustments, and the rest of my work becomes better for it. I take things down. I put them back up. Sometimes being an artist is about making improvements.

People actually rather often say “Your have such a unique style! Your work is so detailed! This is gorgeous.”

They can tell I take my time and have learned from years of experience.

Those years included making plenty of mistakes.

There’s a growth there that you can see and a passion I have for my work that you all seem to know off the bat.

I guess what I’m trying to relay is:

It’s not all always about being perfect all the time. I get it about putting your best foot forward and all. But it’s okay to make mistakes too, ya know?

I mean, what are we all doing this for?

(—If not to have fun, learn, grow and pick some things up along the way.)

The same can be translated into writing and many other art forms.

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Perfection is an Illusion

There is no such thing as true 100% perfection. Even the best of things have flaws. In our modern-day society one can admit our culture has become a bit obsessed with the idea of perfection. Plastic surgery, who’s eyebrows are or aren’t “on fleek” (barf) whose contour be slayin’ ” (cringe), whose girlfriend looks better than yours, all of it supposedly determined for us by some post or meme or magazine.

Don’t get me started with the subject of “reality television.” Some other time friends.

It’s all so incredibly fake, and put out there by people desperately seeking attention or validation, or followers, some fill to their void…

Whatever the case is, there is no such thing as true 100% perfection.

Maybe if we accept that first, we can fix our society’s increasingly narcissistic ways.


Sleepy Sundays: Letting Go

Letting GoLetting Go

I have a confession.

At times, I’m an overprotective mother. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my son has had to deal with so much in such a short time. Being a mother sometimes means we need to learn how to let them be themselves. We need to let them make mistakes so they can learn – by themselves. It’s one of the hardest parts of being a mother for me, but I’m getting there. I’m learning to let go just a tiny bit each day because my little guy is not so little anymore. Each day he grows. Each day he shines.

Some days I wish I could rewind time.

What have you had to “let go” recently?

Have a memorable Sunday!


The Tale of Two Roads

“You need to find the fork in the road where you split.”

A wise individual once spoke these words to me. For those that may not fully understand my old friend’s city slang, allow me to translate.

It was a time in my life where mistakes became a daily occurrence. What my friend tried to convey was I needed to find the point in my life where I went wrong. I had to begin trying to correct that and everything else. Nearly ten years went by before the cleaning process began. I knew I needed to change. Life had beaten me down at such a young age. I sure wasn’t treating myself with respect either.

There was a bright end to it, somehow. I fixed myself; cleaned up my act. Still, we could all make improvements.

Lately, I find myself back at that same point. Even though I’ve treaded miles from the person I was before, I still need repair.

I need to find the fork in the road where I split. The staggering realization hit me that I still haven’t found it. Will I ever find it? Or am I doomed to the same dreaded existence I’ve known of so many others.

This is just my busy head speaking into typed words. This is a peek into my thoughts. My insecurities scream if I let them.



Author’s Notes: This is merely my way of venting. I don’t want anyone reading to worry about me. I’m doing fine. I’ve just been having a bit of inner struggle lately and writing has always been a coping mechanism. Writing is my strongest therapeutic tool. When you are going through something, try it out. You don’t have to be a writer. Journals/diaries keep us mentally healthy at times. Your mind is just as important as your body.

Sleepy Sundays: Bird Behavior

Before we begin, I’d like to point out the similarities between this photo vs. art.


Birds on a Wire
This was taken during the week.


Birds on a Wire
This was drawn up last year.

(Click for larger views of both images.)

The art was more of the inspiration for the photo, rather than vice-versa. It’s fascinating how life sometimes imitates art even though most of the time art imitates life. The gentle waltz between the two has always been a favorite conversation piece for me.

Last, here’s one more neat photo I captured on Friday.



Birds are wonderful subjects, aren’t they?

Have a magnificent Sunday!