Sleepy Sundays: Small Signs

Small Signs
Small Signs
The season is changing and although summer is holding on, signs can be seen on the horizon. Have you ever crossed a path in your life and taken something as a sign for the future? Upon noticing the small details and miniscule hints Mother Nature can give us, it got me thinking (and talking) about life itself.

I’ve seen many signs over the past few months and each of them have proved true. Some involved friends, others were more personal. All I can fathom sometimes is, I think know there is much more to this life. There’s literally and figuratively worlds more out there in the universe and we are just beginning to discover it.

Fun Facts: This photo, if you look closely (or click the image to view a larger version) you can spot a tree in the middle by the lamp post, that is starting to turn bright shades of yellow. I’ve always found the transition to autumn fascinating, don’t mind me. I’ve been in love with the season since I can remember. This seasonal shift is how this photo was titled in my personal album.

Have you ever seen signs in something? Have you ever felt something was a premonition?

Have a colorful Sunday!