More New Additions

You may or may not have heard me mention recently that I was adding a Terms of Service agreement to CardCastlesInTheSky early in the year.

This has been my plan for some time. Though I’ve been busy, and my personal life (& physical health) has gotten in the way since about November, I was able to go through all of the steps of writing these up.

They will be amended at times I’m sure, but I promise, these were mostly put in place to protect my rights and yours. I don’t want to see anyone within my community here harassed or belittled. These are not some stuffy rules. They are simple legal steps to protect my artistic properties and your well-being/internet safety.

Here is the new CardCastles


Thank you all for being so supportive of these new changes, additions, and faces!

Filing a Grief Report

There will be an updated Terms of Service added to CardCastles within the next few days.

I’ve seen the need for this in recent years more rather than less so I decided to finally write up a legitimate, legally-binding document.

These changes are mainly being put in place not only to protect my individual/intellectual property rights as an artist, but to protect this community of loyals (Daydreamers, as you’ve been affectionately referred to. Credit to Maddie at @1EarthUnited for that pretty pearl.)

I’m aware that there may come a time where a troll may harass you, or another user may make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes there may be an argument that takes place in the comments section when no one is here to see it.

That is precisely the kind of incident this Grief Report system was designed for.

Filing a Grief Report

How To

  • Head on over to the Contact page.
  • Scroll to the Contact form and select “Grievance” (See Example)
Grief Report Filing Example
  • Describe the incident or complaint.
  • Submit and wait for Confirmation Email.

Now, let’s hope we never have to use these.