Sleepy Sundays: Light Work

Light Work © 2017 Snapping Turtle Publishing |

The running theme for this month among family, friends, and colleagues seems to be that our passions bring us peace of mind. We all go through our trials in life. Some days even harder than the next. Though if you’re working towards or doing something you love, a little light work makes the lights work.

—And not just the lights in the house.

*This custom piece was designed for a friend of mine who’s also a *divine* lady that’s always added a little sparkle to my day.

What brightens your lights lately?

Have a beautiful Sunday!

This House Belongs To

This House Belongs To © 2017  Snapping Turtle Publishing |

During this week my son and I are both on vacation. I’ve loved the time spent catching up on everything that goes on in that growing mind of his.

When he glanced at this one his response was

“Who lives there, Mom?”

You’d be surprised at what a conversation that could spark up even among adults.

Who do you think lives here? ( There are no wrong answers. )

A Splash of Inspiration

Inspiration can come from the oddest of places. My son and I were standing out waiting for his bus in the freezing cold earlier and he blurted out “SPWASH!” (Splash)

I then looked down to see what he was referring to. He was pointing at a drain pipe that runs down the side of our building and into the ground. My little one always finds beauty and amazement in the simplest of objects. Oh, to have such innocence and unlimited imagination is quite a gift. What he didn’t realize (or care about) was that he gave me a fantastic idea.

Splash, art, abstract
The above piece is the result of that idea. I’ve been searching for an image I could include in a little “About Me” type of blurb that could then be put into one of my blog’s wonderful widgets. Thanks to my little burst of sunshine and happiness I have just that.