31 Nightmares 2018: The 19th

It’s time for another trip down Memory Lane…

The following image was first shared in 2013 as part of my Winter Gallery: Part II posting. What wasn’t shared was the interesting story behind it…

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I used to live much further from where I currently reside. I’ve bounced around the state of New Jersey throughout my life. In 1995-1996 my grandmother was going through a very messy divorce and she started hinting that we were going to move. Right around that time I started having this recurring dream about this small patch of woods I had never seen before in my waking life or in my dreams. The dreams intrigued me due to their vivid nature.

What I couldn’t shake during this time was the sense that this place existed somewhere in real life. I don’t know how I knew it—I just did.

About a year later, my grandmother found a condo in a quiet little area and informed me this is where we’d be moving. The day we set out to plant our roots in this new home, I was instantly shocked as we neared the entrance. Just around the corner from where we were about to live was the little patch of woods I had seen in my dreams. The place had a foreboding energy about it. The best way I could describe it was “an otherworldly feel” in my eyes. The moment of realization sent chills right through me. I had strange instances of what some would refer to as psychic vision before, but nothing like this. I was rattled to the core.

We moved there anyway and I would up living in that home until 2012. Fun fact? The place was haunted too. Extremely. Like Poltergeist-level haunted.

This image was taken years after I moved in. The area is still untouched to this day. I edited the colors a bit because this was originally going to be used for a book cover of my own. That book later got scrapped after my laptop died and 8 chapters of the novel were not able to be recovered. Soon after, I gave up writing.

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Day 19


31 Nightmares 2018: The 5th

Today on this pleasant October dawn we welcome artist and designer Dean Kealy to the clouds.

Dean contributed something to our little event this year that gets extra bonus points during this event—an original work inspired by a nightmare. After all, that’s one of the things that got us started here, right?

This artwork is the copyrighted property of Mr. Dean Kealy illustrator and designer. Snapping Turtle® was granted written consent of its use for event contribution. Any reproduction without written consent from the owner (with the exception of share buttons & social media sharing) is strictly prohibited and considered a violation of CardCastles Terms.

Story has it this was based off of a recurring nightmare Dean had about tooth loss. Pretty freaky, huh? Don’t worry. Legend has it any teeth harmed were later repaired by dental professionals.

You can find Dean on his Instagram at


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Day 5


31 Nightmares 2016: The 19th

The Tree Man
The Tree Man

The Tree Man was a haunting figure from the depths of my dreams.

He was a guardian of sorts and not necessarily an evil creature. It spoke in a stern voice and told tales of the area. In my original concept sketch, he had thorns.

Happy Haunts!

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31 Nightmares 2016: The 17th

Glowing Red
Glowing Red
This place pictured above is based off a setting wherein the sky turned completely red and a glow filled everything surrounding. It was a fantastic vision all directly from my nightmares.

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31 Nightmares: The 5th

31 Nightmares

I’m going to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming today. I’m putting a freeze on rolling out the artwork because there are 10 unique pieces in total and I want to space those out as not to bore you all to death. The rest of the nightmares are mixtures of writing, video, music, and more.

Today’s nightmare is a piece of poetry I’d normally toss. A friend convinced me to share it despite my best efforts to fight it. So here are some demons in taunting poetry form. Please excuse any graphic language.

How to Meet a Demon

He heard their whispers

He knows what they’re saying

Maybe it will break him up

And leave him pureed

Maybe he won’t come back this time.

Maybe he’ll stay.

They’re tired of hearing of darkness.

Though, that’s all he knows.

And it shows

Through his toes


He screams.

And they retreat.

This is how we always meet.

This has been Day 5 of

31 Nightmares