Sleepy Sundays: Ripples


Waves of kindness tend to extend to those around us. A simple gesture could change someone’s entire outlook on their path ahead. These are just some of the thoughts that flowed through me while my hands danced these patterns into existence today.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to create anything of substance. That finally changed today due to someone’s kindness. Someone very near and dear to my heart that has rescued me perhaps more times than I deserve. Though this is a temporary patchwork until I can get back on my feet and fully repair my art studio, it is a welcome relief. Not to mention, it saved my tail from a very vibrant and complex October I’ve been dreaming up for all of you.

Once again, these waves have saved my life. These waves of kindness and love.

To go with this art today, I chose an artist I have the pleasure of knowing personally. In fact, I’m proud to call him family. He goes by the name of Clyde Phalanx musically & here are some of his sounds that go perfectly with this piece:

What ripples through your spirit?

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Celebrating 4 Years!


We’re celebrating 4 years of CardCastles today!


There is so much more planned for this year. As you may have heard or read, I’m bringing back 31Nightmares this October. That small detail of upcoming events is barely even the beginning.

Thank you for riding with me and all of us on this journey. You have made this such a special place.


Sleepy Sundays: Firefly Dance

Firefly Dance Firefly Dance

Lately I’ve gotten back to reading in between projects. My joy source has recently been stepping outside with a great story and listening to the sounds of the summer night. This is the artistic equivalent to some of the images that have been in my mind the past few nights.

I’m still currently exploring options for the sale of my artwork. It’s been a bumpy road since I parted ways with my former employer. However, with the recent success of the gallery opening, and the unexpected request/sale for a unique piece of mine. the future looks bright. With the recent burst of interest in this place as well, the future looks even brighter.

If that’s not a reason to “firefly dance”, I don’t know what is.

When was the last time you danced like no one was looking?

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Something Serene for Your Saturday

I present to you a gift of my gratitude for your support for three great years so far here.

The audio was recorded early one Sunday morning as I sipped some coffee, writing a SleepySundays post here for all of you. There were about four birds “talking” to each other.  I found all this chatter quite amusing, and somehow soothing.

I hope it gives you all the same effect.

Have a great weekend everybody! See you Sunday morning!

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© 2015 CardCastlesInTheSky


I titled this art: Empathize

For this month I wanted to create art that was a little outside my realm (such as the following challenge suggests) but not impossible. I wanted to see things from another artist’s perspective and it was a fulfilling experience. This was how my cousin who used to draw up comics took on art. I tried best to evoke his style of approaching a scene like this.

To match this art I also wanted to make a “gratitude list” of sorts like my pal Kozo has done for over a year now.

  • I’m thankful for my son’s willingness to try new things.
  • I’m extremely grateful for the progress he has made.
  • I’m thankful for my family.
  • I’m thankful for finding a way around road blocks.
  • I’m grateful for new friendships.
  • I’m grateful for you
  • I’m always grateful for a roof over our head.
  • I’m thankful for the healing power of music.

This post was in response to this month’s #B4Peace challenge: Empathy Blogging.

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