Sneak Peek: #31Nightmares logo reveal

Here is the first early concept of this year’s logo. I’ll likely be adding background and making many different sizes & versions for various places. Let me know what you think!

#31Nightmare logo template © 2016

On Halloween Night

Halloween is a special time of year for me. It’s always been my favorite holiday. Since I’m in such a stupendous mood this time of year, below you will find a gift for all of you. It’s a desktop wallpaper that I know you will all love. Just follow the simple instructions within the caption area and enjoy.

Halloween Night
Click to view larger/full view. Right click & select “Save As” on Windows.
For iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch, hover over and hold down on the image and select “Save Image”.

I love spoiling you.

What’s your favorite holiday? Do you have a special Halloween activity?

Crowded Mind

I’ve been feeling a bit scattered lately. There’s been so much going on it’s left my mind a bit cluttered. Something positive usually comes from that in my world, though.

Here are the results:


Purple VinesPurple Vines

Whirly Girlygirly art

Creative Workshop

You can create an image like the one pictured here. SpringySome of you may be thinking “Well, no I can’t…don’t lie to me!” but I assure you it’s possible.

Not everyone needs a background in graphic design like mine to create colorful images just like this. As long as you have a decent illustration program on your computer or tablet device, you may be able to create a piece worthy of showing off. In fact, you don’t even need to use your computer at all. You can sketch, paint, use your hands…the possibilities are endless.

Now, I don’t promise everyone will become a world renowned artist. Although, by reading some of the following tips and tools, you may just be able to improve your confidence.

Phase One

  • Don’t be afraid to get colorful! Assorted Crayons
  • Leave your logical mind behind and tap into your creative mind. What I mean by this is, don’t be so critical or judgmental of yourself. Just let go.
  • Use a barrage of different techniques at once. Mix and match; experiment. You’ll be able to see what fits.
  • Don’t expect instant gratification with any project. Beautiful artwork takes time, and more importantly, patience.
  • Use your emotions. True artists know what I mean. Pour yourself into it. If you just had a breakup, an argument, let those feelings drip out into your work.

Phase Two

  • Cut, Crop, Resize, etc. Don’t like one part of the image but adore another? Crop the undesired piece out! Again, “let go”.
  • Don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone.
  • Familiarize yourself with every single tool. Read tutorials. Click on “Help” buttons/links.
  • Save your work and come back to look at it later. You may see something you didn’t before.
  • Change things, but not too much. Sometimes you can go overboard with tweaking something; you then end up with a mess.


Art can be defined in many ways. Beauty is truly “in the eye of the beholder”. So, have fun, paint, sketch, render, smudge away. Get your children involved, they’ll love it! There is no age limit on artistic expression.

This post is dedicated to all of the art programs in schools across the world.

Support your local children’s school art program!