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31 Nightmares: The 25th

Treats are usually better than tricks, so I’m giving you a gift today. You’ve more than earned it, for being so extremely kind. For those of you that like writing notes, I have a special stationery design I’ve decided to give away today. There are printing details listed below.

View from afar…

Basic view [scaled down version]
Click below to access the PDF version of this file for printing.

File: Hallow’s Eve Divas® Stationery Template

Once there, all you have to do is hit [Print] and you’re good to go.

*For those that need detailed instructions on printing, leave a comment here & I’ll come to your rescue.

Don’t worry, the download is completely secure. The file is coming directly from my media folder on WordPress. Feel free to scan for viruses or anything, but I assure you, it’s safe.

Last but not least, enjoy these! Print away! Share with family, friends, someone special, etc.


There are only a few days left to #31Nightmares! Which day has been your favorite so far?


This has been Day 25


31 Nightmares


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Something Serene for Your Saturday

I present to you a gift of my gratitude for your support for three great years so far here.

The audio was recorded early one Sunday morning as I sipped some coffee, writing a SleepySundays post here for all of you. There were about four birds “talking” to each other.  I found all this chatter quite amusing, and somehow soothing.

I hope it gives you all the same effect.

Have a great weekend everybody! See you Sunday morning!

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