Sleepy Sundays: April Showers

This weekend I’m adding to the new gallery with something old and a few much newer creations. The photos are from the early and mid 90s, and most of the artwork is from this year. They are proving to be great additions for the spring season and this holiday weekend around this region.

Feel free to take a browse as I continue to move new and older items from Snapping Turtle over to here at its new home at CardCastles in the clouds. 🙂

Have a relaxing Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Crescent Light

Crescent Light
Crescent Light
Click image to view larger version.

Since first taking this photo:

Light in the Dark
Light in the Dark

a short while back, I envisioned the above art entitled, Crescent Light. I had a feeling I was going to deck the clouds out here with some Halloween-themed display. So I’ve done just that, as you might recognize, Light in the Dark as the new header image.

I’ll be adding both to my gallery over at Snapping Turtle Publishing later today.

Do you decorate for Halloween or another other occasion?