Sleepy Sundays: Gumdrop Birds


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After talking it over with a few of those nearest & dearest to me, I plan on using this concept as a base-work for future endeavors. The neat detail about it is, the original is a transparent mask, so I can place that little branch with our feathered friends on it just about anywhere.

What do you think we should use it for? The possibilities are endless.

Have a peaceful Sunday!


Sleepy Sundays: Heart Stream

Heart Stream

Way back when artwork was sold here as home decor & greetings, Valentine’s Day cards and greeting card designs became sort of a tradition here every year. This one was designed with watercolor effects in mind. I decided to make it into a simple patterned greeting. Sometimes less is more. I love these colors so I just might keep this one and add it to the growing new gallery.

Have a light-hearted Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Nature Lamps

Nature Lamps
Nature Lamps

Night scenes have often ended up in my wall art or any number of designs. This one is no different. Though it has the surreal twist of glowing flowers. They were inspired by a fantastic, wacky, and wonderful dream had during this strange week of spring-like weather. I plan on using other visuals from that one in future designs. Some of these may even make appearances in upcoming trailers for Alicia in the Woods. I look forward to the coming months with you.

What fantastic places have you visited in your dreams lately?

Have a surreal Sunday!


Sleepy Sundays: Water Peony

Water Peony

This weekend as I sent out my folders to my list of clients we did a little dance between stress and happiness. Friday night I went out like a light after a week’s worth of the nuttiness that can be a work week. Saturday morning awakening to some of the sweetest words ever made my day over and then some. Into the night my hands worked away at florals and the closing of some other projects. There is so much in store for this February. Even though there is still quite a bit of negative going on in the world, your love shines through it all.

This design was inspired by paintings done with loved ones throughout childhood. It will act as sort of a logo mascot as well as a template for my February into spring custom design collections.

What driving force gets you moving? Has someone made your Sunday yet today? Better yet, have you made someone’s Sunday today? 🙂

Have a peaceful Sunday!


Sleepy Sundays: Heart Skin

Heart Skin
Heart Skin

A friend sent me an email early Tuesday morning prodding asking me what I’d think about designing a funky coffee mug for a diner. I had many ideas for prints and came up with a few different designs inspired by jazz music, city lights, and of all random things…Valentine’s Day imagery. I began messing around with different color variations.

I settled on brown and white for the final.

This chocolate and pink idea, though—this one I’m keeping for myself.

While I created  t h i s ^ I listened to t h i s  \/ :

Do like coffee mugs? Have you ever gotten a wonderful idea from an odd place? Do you steal your own ideas?

Have a funky Sunday!

…and speaking of diners, be sure to check out the brand new Otherworlds Café before drifting out of the clouds today.(Still in development, but quickly being added to.)