Sleepy Sundays: Candy Store

Candy Store © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts |

All October long along with my #31Nightmares there will be fall-themed designs like these popping up around CardCastles and in the gallery. (Which is now finally moving here to CardCastles instead of a separate site.)

This one was inspired by (love it or hate it) candy corn! There are some members of my household that love them. Do you?

What’s your favorite October treat?

Have a creepy Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Windswept Autumn

Windswept Autumn
Windswept Autumn

Wind can come out of nowhere in October. It’s a special trick the month I was born in does. Fall likes to put on a show, and the month of October and its lovely palette are no different. This piece was inspired by the gusts of wind in my area during this time of year that often contain traveling colorful leaves.

What’s the last spectacular sight you’ve seen?

Have a delightful Sunday!