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Love You

It’s been a while since anything was posted here during the week, much less during the day. There are special occasions I make exceptions for. The Weekly Photo Challenge over at The Daily Post is coming to a close. So, here I am, making that exception.

If you’re a veteran CardCastles community member, you may remember me participating in these challenges every so often. Today’s final challenge is to pick our favorite photos, and one of those just so happens to be something special I’ve chosen before.

Love You
Love You

There’s a neat little story behind it. At one time, this photo was even available for purchase as wall art when I had a store up and running here.

Around the time it was taken, my son was very much struggling with some speech issues in his early childhood. Now, at 8 years old, my son is reading at an advanced level. Speech is far from an issue for him anymore.

It’s still the little things. 🙂

( We’re going to miss you Weekly Photo Challenge, you were a fun little activity that helped get this place up & running, and we won’t forget it. 😉 )

31 Nightmares 2017: The 25th


The early concept pictured above was from a series of nightmares about pretty much hell on earth. There was fire raining down from the skies. This is what I imagine a zoomed out view to be.

This has been Day 25


All Good Things Must Come to an End

Sometimes the best parts of life are only temporary.

It is with regret I announce tonight that I’ll be parting ways with Twenty20. (Where I sold my artwork/designs, living room décor, children’s room & nursery décor, greeting cards, and most recently but regrettably, digital licensing to my work for almost three years.)

My GalleryThere are differing interests with the future of their company. The direction Twenty20 is headed in is not necessarily a road I would like to travel with CardCastles or the future of my own work.

What This Means for the Future of CardCastles

Since the beginning, CardCastles has worked almost hand-in-hand with my gallery at Twenty20. Any posts on here that point to the “Artwork” page would take you to my gallery there. Since that page has now been removed as per my request, you will receive a 404 Error and be directed back to the main page.

Sleepy Sundays often told the story behind pieces that later went up for sale. Artwork will still continue to be shared in those posts. All personal designs will no longer be for sale. My gallery/artwork page has been temporarily removed from CardCastles at the current time. I may reopen my own personal gallery for viewing purposes only. Nothing will be available for purchase unless/until new avenues are explored.

Will my work ever go back up for sale as products somewhere else? Who knows what the future holds? I’ve been discussing matters with some old friends. One suggested I talk to vendors about selling my work in some big chain stores like Target. The truth is I’d actually be honored to do so. I just may be taking steps toward full self-employment in the distant future. Selling to vendors would be an option I’m certainly willing to explore.

A Shifting Sea

Some longtime readers from the early days here suggested that I open up a whole new site, specifically for my artwork. This is yet another option I’m prepared to investigate. There’s plenty of gorgeous portfolio-style and gallery-based themes WordPress has to offer so, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Since art is one of the primary focuses here on CardCastles, the space where the “Artwork” page once stood won’t be empty for long. I’ll of course keep everyone updated here with the changes ahead.

As always, I’m open to any suggestions or comments you may have.

So Long

My parting ways with Twenty20 is bittersweet. While I remain optimistic about the future on my own, I had a blast during the opportunity to work with them. Financial growth with them may have proved difficult. promo4We as artists had no control over the pricing of our products. Sadly, I was told time and time again the prices were way too high.

There were also magical times and honorable mentions throughout this experience that I choose to remember. Within my first few months I became a Featured Artist twice in the same month back when Twenty20 was Instacanvas. I went on to win this accolade three more times. I met some immaculately talented artists during my journey there. Connections were made. I received valuable input on where to take my art. Best of all, I had fun doing it.

Thank you to everyone that purchased my designs! I hope it brings you joy!


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